avengers think daredevil is illiterate

Im not sure the police can hold him., Carefully Matt moves so hes between Hawkeye and the trafficker and close enough to make firing a bow difficult. On my way.. Non-lethal force; except in self-defence., Its probably the best deal Matts going to get and Foggy will kill him if he gets himself seriously hurt or killed working alone when he has this offer open. Matt carefully notes how he doesnt say Matt is wrong. Not many ways I can fake reading something held up to my face. He nudges the briefcase. Take care of him. Meaning finish the job from before. Not too bad yourself, she says in a voice almost as quiet. avengers think Matt can't read; Public Bookmark * None So Blind by prettybirdy979 Fandoms: Daredevil (TV), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; Gen; Daredevil had tagged along with the avengers breaking away from them to parkour his way downtown. There., Matt takes it gently and tries not to give away the way his stomach is trying to sink into the ground. Not that the truth would make much difference. Words have no power, theyre only words. Im aware. He heard it drop earlier but had ignored it, aware that while it might have information on it he has no way of accessing it thats faster than beating the answers out of the trafficker. Insecure. He was half dead when he got here, hows he walking?. This was an impromptu thing. Has there been any other time besides once though? Getting his breath back, making sure his broken ribs havent punctured a lung. Will we get a new group of Avengers together though? And on the other side of the street using the building Matts on top of as cover and a base of operations, are the Avengers. If that changes, let us know., I have Clints number. Brian Cronin: I can imagine everyone laughing at Black Panther's comment and then a freeze frame, Eileen Gonzalez: : "A Miller-Boyett Production", Brian Cronin: I can imagine the audience first "Awwww"ing, Brian Cronin: At the comments about how they should have all stuck together in the first place. I dont believe you, Matt says, easily picking out the lie in Hawkeyes heartbeat. At this point in Marvel Comics, the question should be: Which chacacter hasn't been an Avenger? As Daredevilis facing off with one of Sins armored enforcers, he hears Avengers Tower fall just before hearing a group of soldiers plan to gather around Avengers Mansion. And hes my only link to the men trafficking women out of New York. Nat might make it but shes just one person. Its a tiny thing, but hearing it feels like a stab to the gut. You wanna be a hero, you dont get to have a personal life. He sounds weary and defeated but Matt has to bite his tongue to stop himself screaming at him. For the week Matts forbidden by Claire to do any patrols - argued down from two and halfway to five days before Foggy stepped in - theres no sign of any Avengers in Hells Kitchen. Not exactly rocket science. Matt hears the beeps as Hawkeye fiddles with the phone. You should always know your way to where your home is. Its a comforting thought, like hes lying on his silk soft bed in the morning sun, Foggys snores from the bed across from his. And Matt has an awareness that while sharing his experience might add even more panes of glass to his emotional windows (okay, his metaphors might need some work), itll add a burden to Foggy. With slow measured steps, Banner moves across the room to stand before Matt. From there, hes able to drop down onto the stairwell below it and in a few seconds, hes on the ground in the alleyway and running. You turned the lights off and made everyones job a thousand times harder because you couldnt read the label? Falcon asks and something in Matt drops at the tone hes using. Why is he focusing on it-. Are you following me for a reason or just looking for entertainment?, Matt tilts his head, aware Hawkeye cant see his raised eyebrow. Matts hackles rise and for a long second he feels like growling or punching or doing somethingto express his displeasure but he manages to bury it. That doesnt mean Matts going to make it easy for him. Its fine. No Foggy. And, despite what Foggy might think, Daredevil is just a mask Matt hides behind; a means to an end. Time 5 - Thor "Friend daredevil" Thor boomed "greetings" . Matt can ignore it and the throbbing in his gut, to fall back onto his heels. Warning: SPOILERS for Savage Avengers #7! The Avengers hunt the Devil of Hell's Kitche. He is played by Charlie Cox. As grating as it is to be considered stupid, hell take any excuse not to have to work with them. Red Wolf and his squad of Avengers succeed and Goliath, Vision and Scarlet Witch returned to New York City, but can't get into the city. Its like hes invisible. I got a friend who got a friend that works for the Avengers and he said theyre working on teaching him how to read. Another. Thats important to sighted people right? He reaches the doorway and pauses. Matt stops leaning against the wall and takes a slight step right, placing himself directly in front of the window. So there was another reason you went in., Pride. Stark gulps down his whiskey and slams the glass on the bar bench with a bang thats as loud as a gunshot to Matts senses. Tony, you let us know if more come later.. The archer is exceptionally confident. off again and turns slightly, so hes facing Matt. Thought it was earlier. Charlie Cox played Matt Murdock in Daredevil, but lost the gig after Marvel pivoted to Disney Plus series. Angry at himself and Widow for putting him in this position, Matt throws himself at the nearest man, the smell of gunpowder and metal giving away the gun in his hands. Mr Matt Im blind and cant let them know it Murdock, Matt cuts in and Foggy hisses in realisation. So. And dude, we can help., I have helped! an outraged Stark says. And, despite what Foggy might think, Daredevil is just a mask Matt hides behind; a means to an end. That word is banned. Theres a trap door here, some kind of secret space under the warehouse. Cue confusion, embarrassment, and the eventual reveal that Matt is blind. Feeling guilty maybe? He's worked as a tutor, an editor, and even a salesman in a comic book store. Steve takes a step towards him. Steve wasnt wrong, you really are stubborn.. Matt tunes out, aware Steves probably delaying his part of the debrief to try and keep him here for the whole thing. Brian Cronin: I'll give Thomas this much, he TRIES to sell it by saying that the Red Wolf story accelerated the attack, but even there, that doesn't really work, Brian Cronin: As there is no real argument that accelerating the attack made a difference, Brian Cronin: IN FACT, accelerating the attack meant that the Fantastic Four wasn't there. He lands a solid kick to one of the womens ribs and feels them break; the crunching noise doing nothing to distract him from the feel of bones giving when they should not. Matt processes other peoples emotions in voices and heartbeats, not faces. These guys are good at their jobs but idiots with technology. Sorry. And hes left a bunch of addresses in his notes. Dont thank me yet. But Matt doesnt hear the way Clint sighs as he leaves nor the start of his phone call. What does that have to do with anything?, Hawkeye carefully picks it up and passes it to Matt. I get that its scary and new, but reading, reading is awesome. Will that help?. He can hear the groan and creak of old ships in his ribs but only one or two are grinding. But 50th and 12th is underlined so that might be important. Matt smiles internally at his cunning and nods. He hates waiting but this will be worth it. Matt shakes his head, the devil that had been keeping him upright and focused has finally left and he feels like jelly, every limb sagging into the ground. Yes. Heheard every moment of it. You get it?, Im a deaf carnie that never managed to attend high school let alone drop out of it. Voices are coming from the third floor, some sort of meeting. In an almost coordinated movement every person in the room is on their feet and stumbling towards Matt; their progress only hampered by the presence of the table in the centre of the room. I didnt follow that too closely. And Matt could weep in joy, he caught him before he hung up. So? Stark finally asks after having explained every feature that Matts never going to be able to use. Matt knows the details of a city he cant help but hear and disappearing into its shadows is childs play. I will not let you kill him. Legal arguments come to mind and are instantly discarded. And another. Steve puts his fingers in his mouth and whistles, a piercing noise that shuts everyone up and has Matts hands flinching towards his ears. I am so excited., I hear your sarcasm and I am ignoring it because you will be excited. Hisses fill the air as Stark fiddles with his gauntlets and Matt can smell the sweat the moment his hands are exposed to the night air. Matt wishes that the Avenger's assumptions about his seeming inability to read the written word did something as benign as making an ass of him and them. Hes out the door and on the neighbouring roof before Captain America can even word a comeback. Both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are close friends of Matt, and he knew there was no way of getting out of the offer theyd extended. Matt was the 'anti-hero' named Daredevil and he is 19. Hes dead if he doesnt. And I just want to say Im listening now. Its nearly 4am!, I fucked up, Matt whispers as he staggers to where he thinks theres an alleyway. And for the record? He can make it work. Above him he can hear the twang of Hawkeyes bow and the sounds of the Black Widow fighting her way through the few leaders of this group. Captain, he says and feels Steve pause, his sigh like a roaring wind in Matts ears. Seek and find them before they slaughter our innocents?, Steve shakes his head. Can can you come with me? Oh right, Matt had forgotten about the SHIELD info dump. 21 parts. Okay. His knees wobble, bucking under his weight but he manages to lock them. Daredevil, there is a chair there-?. This time in the form of the post mission debrief that Steve all but drags Matt to, citing his lack of attendance last time. But its only a few streets over. He's been an Avenger before but generally speaking, tons of Marvel characters have been Avengers particularly since the turn of the 2000s (once upon a time it was controversial for characters like Spidey and Wolverine to be included on the time) and Daredevil is also typically presented as a character that doesn't really want to work with teams. If you hadnt left me behind, you would have known what I was planning.. Its on a news station, though Matt doesnt recognise the woman speaking and thus cant identify which one. ' Unless?, Yeah, theres something Im not saying. Clint sighs again. You hurt?, Foggy sighs and buries his face in a hand. He can smell the faint scent of copper but its probably from the men he beat up. What the hell are they using as wallpaper? left kudos on this work! Matts a step behind her, listening as she picks the lock of the window and slips into the building. No ones heartbeat spikes nor does any one of the seven people in the room address him, so Matt thinks hes managed it. Hes just, taking a quick breather before going home. I lost track of time. Time for them to learn to listen. Right. He starts the debriefing, getting everyone to talk out what happened; where they went wrong that can be worked on; and where they did well, starting with those who had stayed outside the bank. who is the blonde in the verizon commercial, narcisa veliz pacheco,

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