first sergeant epr bullets

- Mitigated fam hardships; secured $1.3K AF aid/expedited emergency lv/plane tkts--4 Amn focus back on OCO msn Deployed - Led C2 f/AFRICOM's 1st Gp CP; tracked 15K vehicles & 37.2K pax--supported DoD's #1 SIGINT sys f/3 COCOMs - Updated 52 chklsts w/contacts for Gp/Wg; reduced cmdrs notification time--awarded deployed Gp team of the month - Boosted trng prgm; generated trng/continuity for replacements--reduced trng time to spt 3K flts ISO combat First Sergeant NCOER Bullets. - Scheduled recurring, emergency maintenance on work center equip--foresight produced data on target at 99% rate! He reduced our supply account by $200,000 by correcting erroneous records. Examples of EPR Bullets for First Sergeant. Finally, Sergeant Paulson's leadership played a vital role in the 368th Recruiting Squadron receiving the Air Force Recruiting Service's Standard of Excellence award during Fiscal Year 2018. - Secured 246 tix/8 major sports evts--orch'd LA Dodgers Hero/Game honoree--demo'd selfless devotion to unit morale - Unquestionable adherence to Air Force Core Values; Leads by example/holds subordinates to Air Force Standards Bird Sanctuary Ct, - Coordinate/execute building 613 upgrades/repairs--provided additional storage/training area--increasing throughput This puts you in a tough spot becauseMore, Anyone who's been through ALS knows that bullet statement format is the format required for entries in the AF Form 910 but in case you've forgotten just what bullet statement format is, we'll go over it againMore. The distinctive accomplishments of Chief Miller reflect credit upon herself and the United States Air Force. If you got 'em, they can be shared by using the form below. Back to EPR Bullets. - Attended Marriage Counseling Support seminar; enhanced ability to address marital disputes--CRB prepared - Addt'l Duty 1st Sgt; dual-hatted w/ primary duties/spt'd 610 psnl/eight flts--gained valuable senior leadership insight, - Advised CC on x prsnl housing issues/x admin actions/ADAPT-FAP consults--enforced equal standards f/ xxx prsnl First Sergeant Resume Sample. This website is dedicated to completing that portion of the AF Form 910 that gives people the most trouble: the Performance Assessment blocks. Thanks! Jalapeno Summer Sausage Recipe, - Led 2d ever Diamond Mudder event; org'd 8 mile crs/11 events/19 tms/30 vols/109 participants--raised $7.5K f/ FSC The only person looking out for either you or your subordinate is YOU! - Ferried CC through Art 15 process; 1 admin separation, sensitive civ complaint--maintained balanced justice And the more firewall 5 EPRs you earn, the sooner you get promoted and the sooner you go on to bigger and better challenges. - Managed 20-man geographically remote workcenter in support of Air Mobility Command--exceeded all assigned goals! FIRST SERGEANT Air Force Reserve. - Fair/firm 1Sgt; advised CC on 13 admin actions/1 CM/2 art 15/provid'd spt to mbrs--bedrock of good order/discipline Hailey Veronica Adeleke, JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas -- Senior master sergeant enlisted performance reports, which close out July 31, will be accomplished on the newly published Air Force Form 911, Enlisted Evaluation Report (MSgt Thru SMSgt), available July 31 on the ePublishing website. EPRs are required to be written in a format peculiar to the U.S. Air Force. - Supplies administrative support to the OSS Commander and the Senior Enlisted leadership throughout the squadron Org'd sq teams for Team Gleason Charity Tournament; 40 participants - > $2k raised & donated One of the speakers of the event, Master Sgt. - Empowers Airmen and supervisors to perform at their highest level of professionalism to complete assigned tasks - Prepared/delivered Christmas Day breakfast burritos; 60 137 SWS unit guardsmen--fostered Total Force spirit - Advised two wg CCMs; led 22 pers/8 vectored 8Fs--slashed court martial by 4/NJPs by 59/decreased Art 15 by 55% - Mentored EPEC; headliner f/AEP/NCOPE/FTACamplified SNCO/std & discipline perspective--set example f/400 - Led 2d ever Diamond Mudder event; org'd 8 mile crs/11 events/19 tms/30 vols/109 participants--raised $7.5K f/ FSC - Dont forget to review your copies of the Performance Feedback Worksheets (PFW) youve accomplished on your subordinate. - LRS Sq Supt f/3 wks; coord w/69 orgs/58 acft rqmts/38 jets--spt'd 27 msns/4.5K pax f/N. - Quickly reacted to mental health/suicidal threat--member received crucial/timely emergency help/back to 100% duty Feedback and evaluations are automated into myEval based on a member's (Ratee) reporting period (the period of supervision culminating in an . - Trusted Leader! - Leads/mentors 369 mbrs on prof development/career path options/smart choices; enforces CCs' policies/goals & obj - Fair/firm 1Sgt; advised CC on 13 admin actions/1 CM/2 art 15/provid'd spt to mbrs--bedrock of good order/discipline - Led 5 member tm; dir'd 61 DV visits/20 ceremonies/6 events--showcased msn capes/cmbt ops f/AF premier RPA wg AF Chief of Staff Reading List: Recommended Reading: Site information. - Acquired $200 gift card from nat'l restaurant chain; fed recruiter fam of 6--alleviated Thanksgiving meal costs Additional Duties EPR Bullets. Performed 1st Sgt/Flt Super duty during high tempo ops--ensured welfare/admin of 123 unit mbrs First Sergeant = Personnel Manager Squad Leader = Team Leader or Team Chief Supply Sergeant = Supply Manager or Logistics Manager Operations NCO= Operations Supervisor General Terms AI=. - Prolific leader; mng'd 5 dorm/KS meals/5 booster club/3 unit events--fed 520 Amn/raised $3K/lifted 570 mbrs morale Master Sgt. - Assists the Commander in preparation/execution of ancillary training, resident SME on all military training programs - Cultivated high stds; accomplished 110 ABU/Blues uniform inspections--instilled professional military image, - Defused 4 suicide warnings; coord'd 2 CC's w/med spt/coached thru recovery/welfare #1 priority--all prsnl RTD While assigned to the 368th Recruiting Squadron, he maintained the health, welfare, and morale of 79 squadron members assigned to units spanning a 500,000 square mile recruiting zone. - LRS Sq Supt f/3 wks; coord w/69 orgs/58 acft rqmts/38 jets--spt'd 27 msns/4.5K pax f/N. The "whole life/whole career" screening will be conducted at Air Force level only. - Quality of Life watchdog; arranged three mental health/one ADAPT/2 FAP consults--bridged necessity for resiliency - CC's focal point f/discipline/mentoring/recognition f/234 enl/135 ofcrs/155 civs in 66 AFSCs; manages EPME pgms - Dvlp'd PD seminar; mentor'd 120 Airman/elevated tm to finish 155 crdt hrs--boosted education complete rate by 32%, - Engaged w/CPTS & DFAS; highlighted oversights/issues w/13 Amn's pay--ensured $26K in lost pay returned to mbrs - Founded Lethal Iron University; built 6 wk leadership course material--forged mx development/assured AF priorities - Resolved 18 fam incidents/11 in-patient rehab; guided mbrs on domestic recovery/TBI--enabled msn ready engineers, - Revamped FCP x2 Sqs; impv'd process f/261 mbrs/digitized 29 recs/fixed 13 errors--100% execution/AFI compliant - Earned 2nd AA degree; completed 12 crdt hrs/BS Bus Admin/HR Mgmt--ldrshp acumen tried/med read best/AFSPC an example to Amn having PT difficulty; modeled fitness by running marathon, attempted 100-mile run, - Enforced standards; transported inmate to CONUS, exercised maturity/judgment; AF judicial system enforced, - Motivated! - Steered wg dorm insp; searched 3 dorms/eradicated contraband--increased deterrence/assured safe quarters/120 Amn Sergeant Foster is a team player who contributed to our unit earning the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence. - Demonstrated Air Force Core Values--exceptional example, facilitated unit pride, dedication to duty, & growth - Direct'd 186 prsnl actions/rehabed 6 late-bloomers--fueled msn rdy force/9 dplymnts/2K DVs/93T cargo/23K part rqmts - Problem solver! SERGEANT FIRST CLASS xxxx HAS DISTINGUISHED HERSELF BY DEMONSTRATING CLEARLY THAT SHE IS A PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER, DEDICATED TO EXCELLENCE IN HER FIELD OF EXPERTISE. - Restructured Key Spouse prgm; created 3 AORs for major metropolis coverage--produced instant supt for 1.1K fams Chosen by CC; led 2 Sq/183 mbrs--resolved 28 disciplinary/admin issues--msn success! - Filled 1st Sgt position 6 mo; advised CC on health/welfare for 80 mbrs--enhanched org interpersonal communication - Introduced state Spouse Unemployment bill; proposed to CA Chairman of Veteran affairs--earned NAF-equiv FSOY, - Motivated! The Air Force considers certain topics to be inappropriateMore. Must remain vigilant for, and move to resolve, issues that, left unchecked, would adversely impact the readiness of enlisted members. - Selected 1st Sgt undershirt 2 weeks/93 mbrs; counseled 12 Airmen/resolved 4 prsnl actions--enforced unit discipline Second Air Force, which oversees Basic Military Training and technical training for 93% of the U.S. Air Force, welcomed a new agency, 1 Jan., dedicated to the modernization of training and education delivery across its five training wings. Bullet statements may be contributed using this form. Furthermore, as a critical mentor to installation military personnel and families, he was selected to guide and advise over 450 Airmen at 13 Wing panels and 70 new commanders at the Headquarters Pacific Command's Commanders' Course. - Articulates/implements HAF/MAJCOM/Wg & Sq policies; presents rehabilitative options to the CC on legal matters, - Accomplished 40hr 1st Sgt seminar; advisor on QoL issues/mentored 16 Amn--equipped as AF operational ldr - Org'd 43 AG promotion ceremony; mng'd 4 vol/penned script/administered SNCO charge--celebrated 17 promotees, - Outstanding facilitator--coordinated student appointments with base agencies--reduced "no shows" by 35% Back to EPR Bullets. - Provided guidance/mentorship for mbr/family after diagnosis/treatment for thyroid cancer-morale/spirits lifted! - Cultivated renewed trust in First Sergeant role--helped institute climate improvement; revitalized Air Force values Revitalized enlisted recognition program; crafted effective guidance for new AOQ program, - Attended 5-day 1st Sgt Symposium; gained admin/disciplinary/resource knowledge--armed to assume additional duty, - Accomplished 40hr 1st Sgt seminar; advisor on QoL issues/mentored 16 Amn--equipped as AF operational ldr, - Acquired $200 gift card from nat'l restaurant chain; fed recruiter fam of 6--alleviated Thanksgiving meal costs, - Acquired free mental health counseling for civ suicide attemptee--member returned to family/flt within 2 weeks, - Acting MDG 1st Shirt/3 wks; advised 5 sq CCs/340 medics--assisted admin of 2 UIF/Ctrl Roster, 1 Article 15, - Assisted NCO/family of 4 through identifying substance dependency; mbr successfully completed rehab prgm, - Attended Marriage Counseling Support seminar; enhanced ability to address marital disputes--CRB prepared, - Coordinated trng for 21st Space Wg 1st Sgts/CCs; educated on incarceration procedures--12 mbrs enlightened, - Cultivated high stds; accomplished 110 ABU/Blues uniform inspections--instilled professional military image. - Direct'd 186 prsnl actions/rehabed 6 late-bloomers--fueled msn rdy force/9 dplymnts/2K DVs/93T cargo/23K part rqmts Like a tiny acorn that grows into a mighty oak, it all starts with the lowly EPR Bullet. - Responded immediately to domestic incident; member received crucial emergency help - Airman back to 100% duty Your PFW comments will likely help you to write the EPR bullets more effectively. - Attended USAFA CGO/SNCO leadership symposium; 8hrs--enlightened unit junior NCOs on resiliency skills, - Averted 2 potential suicides; secured immediate rescue/treatment f/5 mil mbrs/1 spouse--actions preserved lives/RTD - Represents the 174 OSS/CC at Wing meetings and multiple base-level councils; a recognized group advocate for unit o conducted a command-directed urinalysis sweep; identified, processed and expedited 5 discharges; sustained readiness, o investigated resources during a family crisis; uncovered family life insurance benefits for a Company member, o deployed as First Sergeant for Expeditionary Task Force; oversaw lodging, morale and redeployment of both C130 squadron and attached C21 flight, o processed an emergency leave and two early releases; facilitated efficient and rapid administrative operations, o managed the AP's billeting, contracts, and service for 678 personnel from a variety of organizations; filled overlooked shortfalls and restored operations, o overhauled the AP's billeting procedures and rewrote the SOP, ordered and installed pedestrian signs, and supervised two SMs assigned to the office, o effective counselor; reclaimed the allegiance and efforts of misguided Soldiers; highest reenlistment rate in Bn, o warned barracks occupants continuously of drinking and driving consequences; prevented fatalities and mission, lowest DUI rate in 7 years, o proactive and inclusive counselor; guided members to productive, rewarding activities; limited opportunities for failure, maximized success, o prepared members for deployment with meticulous review of private, family, and business concerns; improved readiness and morale, o took control of habitual discipline problem soldier and recommended and expedited separation; restored order, unit morale in less than 30 days, o stressed career development, resulted in 11 Soldiers within the Company enrolling in college courses, o stressed safety and defensive driving on and off duty which resulted in zero POV and GOV accidents within the company; best in the battalion, o acted as company commander and command sergeant major during their absences with no degradation in operations or mission accomplishment, o conducted comprehensive company training which led to the company receiving a commendable rating in training during the Brigade Inspection, o mandated weekend safety briefings at all levels; reduced incidence of loss or injury by 40%, o conducted NCODP on NCOERs and professional development; ensured standards were applied equally and fairly, o executed duties with complete professionalism while producing outstanding results; excelled in every assigned and implied task, o performed an integral role as the 1SG; his leadership, expertise and high standards had a profound impact on the Squadron's ability to function over his tenure, o consistently sought out by Seniors, peers and subordinates for career advice; resulted in one Airman becoming Warrant Officer and Soldier becoming a Lieutenant, o superbly managed and supported the pre-deployment training and preparation of 154 Joint Service Members and their associated equipment for OEF and OND, o strictly adhered to insist/assist philosophy; never gave a hand-out, but always a hand-up (13B, Acting Bn CSM), o implemented a rigorous Special Emphasis PRT program that removed 12 Soldiers from the Army Body Composition Program (25W), o performed an exceptionally integral role in the (unit) as the acting First Sergeant; leadership, expertise and high standards had a profound impact on the (unit's) ability to function effectively over the course of his tenure, o created a homogeneous production environment which resulted in numerous unit commendations for excellence, o maintained the highest levels of this unit's cohesion and preparedness, o followed up on all paperwork and made sure all warriors had proper badges for assigned duties, o planned and oversaw the Brigade change of command ceremony, saved hundreds of dollars by drafting in-house assistance, o balanced the duties and responsibilities of both a Company First Sergeant and Brigade Intelligence Section NCOIC; vital to the success of the 2IBCT Brigade S2 Section, o dedicated to soldier development, learning, and leadership; was pivotal in the success of the 847th Human Resource Company's successful implementation of the Virtual Battle Assemblies, o facilitated the development of the Virtual Battle Assembly (VBA) training plans; enabled adoption of new technology while maintaining standards, o served two consecutive tours as company 1SG and served as acting CDR for two Annual Training periods for the 415th CA BN; preserved and sustained readiness, o met regularly with NCOICs to stay abreast of personnel needs and family concerns, o increased unit mobilization readiness and enhanced intelligence production support to the Command, o orchestrated a successful and well-attended Brigade Dining out with a turnout of over 200 people, o supervision produced a yearly IDT attendance rate of 95% and a yearly organizational readiness rate of 92%, o served as Acting Command Sergeant Major; maintained the readiness and cohesion of his Battalion, o facilitated counseling and maintained Soldier confidentiality during difficult situations until resolved, o maturity and judgement was instrumental in preventing sensitive issues from affecting unit morale, o ensured all Company inventories were scheduled and completed, o instituted daily inspections to guarantee all vehicles were kept mission-capable and ready to roll, o delivered support on time and on target despite numerous obstacles, o motivated Bn members to take care of their equipment; regular maintenance reduced issue delays, o identified lack of administrative support for Soldiers and worked with Commander to expand office capability, o provided discipline and motivation for section leaders; eliminated personnel problems and restored harmony to Bn, o assisted NCOICs with section management; overcame personality conflicts with intra-unit transfers and counseling, o initiated discharge process for chronic disciplinary problem; removed from office and restored team spirit, o prosecuted barracks violations rather than ignore them; barracks inspections rarely necessary now, o assigned NCOs to mentor and develop lower enlisted and junior NCOs and monitored their progress (35X5M), o fostered open, candid, and frequent communications between command and all Bn members, o ensured all personnel assigned received mandatory training, o awarded the Signal Corps Bronze Order of Mercury for his dedication and outstanding service as a First Sergeant in diverse Unit, o organized a three day Brigade Leadership Conference which resolved many support shortfalls and formalized tenant unit agreements for the first time, o developed events schedule for annual conference and coordinated with dozens of outside agencies to fill all briefing slots and arranged attendance by appropriate audiences and down trace units, o participated in 8 gunneries and shot distinguished in all of them, o served two consecutive tours as company 1SG within the BN; served as Acting CDR for two Annual Training periods, o mentored and trained the Top Gun in four separate gunneries, o ran 5 Brigade level gunneries and was directly responsible for the Battalion having an 85% first time go rate. carolina league presidents,

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