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I am pro-growth in Carrollton, provided that the proposed growth provides for and expands opportunity (through access and engagement) for all Carrollton residents. Councilmembers are elected by the city at-large and represent the entire city. 2023, The Dallas Morning News Inc. All Rights Reserved. When the Texas Department of Public Safety released their 2018 Crime in Texas report, Carrolltons crime numbers as compared to other cities of populations of 100,000 or greater, showed that Carrolltons numbers were the fourth lowest. The city needs to have condos and townhomes in order to attract young couples so they can experience our city. As a citizen with a reliable vehicle and flexible job, I was able to drive 45 minutes to Texas Motor Speedway to get both of my vaccines; however, I had an adversely strong reaction to the first vaccine. Voter data is deleted after. In order to do that, every single unit had to be individually rewired. We needed twice as many public safety officers because the closure was greater than the amount of time allowed for officers / shift. We need affordable housing for seniors who are downsizing. I would like to make it easier to live, eat, and play in the same area. The highlight of my civic involvement every year is awarding the Dorotha Michelle Ocker leadership scholarships to local high school students looking to attend college. As the suburbs grow, we will be a hub. Carrolltons greatest asset is the quality of life it affords its diverse residents. or anything. This results in some schools in the northern part of the city being far more resourced than the southern part of the city, for example. A schedule was developed and agreed to where all steps were detailed including timing, agreed upon and communicated to the team. Though I previously worked at a private school in North Carolina (primarily because they realized they needed an intentional diversity, equity, and inclusion effort), I am a huge proponent of equitable public school education. An area began to collect slit and then trash and debris built up. There are fifty-four units in my condominium complex, and they are individually owned. By the grace of God (and my parents and ancestors watching over me) I made it home safely. We, as a community need to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable when discussing and solving racial issues. It has a combination of welcoming people and a diverse population with great schools. Carrollton has been fiscally responsible for years and there is no reason to change. We are Carrollton! I'm proud of the work our City Council has done in lowering our property taxes over the last 7 years. I would recommend pursuing appropriate growth of and consideration of enhancements to existing green belt trails and the green belt in general. Scroll. This is my primary recommendation - that these voices be actively, and inclusively sought and engaged so that citizens are partners in progress with their local government. Carrollton has constructed trails systems along several Green belts that connect the city. - feel comfortable fully engaging with all the City has to offer. racist or sexually-oriented language. Use the 'Report' link on R.L. A weekly recap of all the sports news from around Star Local Media. I would support additional housing as the population grows. We are Carrollton! I feel called to use my talents and experience to serve my community. Public safety is a majority of the City's Budget. Public school support students of ALL learning and physical abilities, of all cultural backgrounds, of all socio-economic backgrounds, etc. An email message containing instructions on how to reset your password has been sent to the e-mail address listed on your account. I've also been very involved with the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce, serving as their legal counsel for a short period. How do we maintain the roads, waterlines, etc. Terilyn Scott-Winful, MD; Alexandra Saavas; Jerry Barrax Jr. County CommissionerReal Estate DeveloperFriends and Family. My husband and I moved to Carrollton with our three children 22 years ago in 1998. I have experience listening to residents, businesses, staff and helping ensure the policies and priorities reflect our community's needs. I would promote and preserve Carrollton by studying and researching items being considered by City Council to ensure my votes reflect what is best for keeping Carrollton a great place for all to raise a family and feel safe. As indicated in the previous response, I support any efforts that would contribute to the socioeconomic diversity of the City of Carrollton. In the past, I was also involved in the Coppell Chamber of Commerce, but now I focus more on our local Chamber. Carrollton enjoys 28+ park amenities which include multi-use greenbelts, playgrounds, hike and bike trails, sports fields, tennis and basketball courts and 5 golf courses. They are community volunteers who meet in regular meetings twice a month. Much of Carrolltons capital funds projects can be funded without burdening the taxpayers. I will work with the Council and City staff on the present agenda to rehabilitate and revitalize unsustainable retail space. The members are elected for two-year terms from four wards with one at-large member. It will be important for Carrollton to continue to develop new projects, re-develop existing properties, grow new business and address the aging infrastructure while attracting new and diverse residents to the city. *Sponsor of the Earth Club at Hebron High School 2 years currently, -City of Raleigh Human Relations Commission-ACLU committees in Raleigh, North Carolina-Through YWCA Triangle Racial Justice Initiative, planned and partnered events such as Driving While Black and Brown on racial profiling in partnership with local police departments; North Carolina Symphonys Eulogy for a Dream composed in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King; expansion of the community-based dialogue program Study Circles on Race and Ethnic Relations -Participation in Fort Worth Black Chamber of Commerce Paths Forward program -College and University Professional Association for Human Resources Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee-Society of Human Resource Managers-Public Relations Society of America-The Ujimaa Group, - CFBISD Board Member - 2005-2020, Board President for 4 years- Master Trustee - Leadership TASB - Texas Association of School Boards- Board Member - American Society of Civil Engineers - 2016-2019 - representing Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Mexico - Past President - Texas Section of American Society of Civil Engineers - 2007-2008- PTA Life Member - Blalack Middle School-PTA officer - varying positions while our chidren were at Kent and Blalack- Creekview High School Band Booster Club - Treasurer -Girl Scout Leader- Leadership Metrocrest - Class 2001-2002 (Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce)- Leadership TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) Class 19- Award of Honor - Texas Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers- Chair - North Central Texas Council of Governments - Surface Transportation Technical Committee, *Metrocrest Services Volunteer for over 20 years - food bank, school supply distribution, thrift store, Santa helper, painting houses, at the Christmas store, individual fundraising events like 10Ks and Greek Food Festival*Villages of Greenway Park HOA - Board member for 4 years, Social Committee member (organized HOA family events but also organized food, clothing, and school supply collections), volunteer hours for the Neighborhood Enhancement Matching Grant Program (NEMGP) through the Carrollton Neighborhood Partnership office*Building Leadership Team at Hebron High School for 2 years a voted position*The Big Event sponsored by Lewisville Independent School District this only ran for two years one year we went to house of an elderly disabled couple and cleaned their entire front and back yard and the other year we cleaned up trash along the Trinity river*Volunteer at the Union Mission Gospel*Many other volunteering opportunities as they arose, City of Raleigh Human Relations Commission, Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD Board of Trustees - 2005-2020, Texas House of Representatives - HD 65 - 2020- not elected. I led numerous meetings where I developed the schedule and back-up plans after considering all sorts of things that could happen that evening to cause delays and impact the successful completion of placing the bridge. An example of this is under construction now- a contemporary designed mixed-use development (440,000 sq. Copyright All Rights Reserved. West Carrollton, OH 45449; Phone: (937) 859-5181; Fax: (937) 859-3366; Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday; Contact Links. I served on the DART Design Advisory Committee for the downtown Silverline station. Voter data is deleted after every election, according to our voter data policy. In the future, I would like to increase green infrastructure in any way we can, making green space accessible to all neighborhoods., Age: that is degrading to another person. I will attend continuing education opportunities for Council members to understand what other cities may be doing to enhance the strategic goals that our city has of finance, customer, process, and culture / employee. Our Law Enforcement is big part of why our numbers are low and people have a sense of security. As we continue to grow and attract new residents, I want to make sure that we keep the neighborly feel. As neighborhoods become increasingly diverse, it has become increasingly apparent to me that some residents dont naturally come out of their shells - read "micro-segregation" practices - to learn about and connect with those that live even on the same street. There has been a goal and a vision set out by prior and current council members to build and embrace a diverse community that offers opportunities and amenities for all. I understand the City Council (like the school board) operates as a whole body and one individual does not direct policy. Submitting this form below will send a message to your email with a link to change your password. Approximately, 40% of the population rent their housing but I was unable to determine how much of that is in multi-family units. When the vaccinations became available, the county quickly set up stations to start vaccinations., Age: Get the latest Carrollton sports delivered to your inbox every week. In order to attract new business to our community, one priority is workforce development. Get the latest Mesquite sports delivered to your inbox every week. Voter data is deleted after every election, according to our voter data policy. We're always interested in hearing about news in our community. If you forget it, you'll be able to recover it using your email address. 74, Address: Nancy Cline is Honored to be Endorsed By: Jeff Andonian Former City Councilperson City of Carrollton, Les Black President of CFBISD Board of Trustees, Glen Blanscet City Councilperson City of Carrollton, Linda Caldwell Former City Councilperson City of Carrollton, Lynn Chaffin Former CFBISD Board of Trustees, Randall Chrisman Former Planning & Zoning Commissioner- City of Carrollton, Former Chairman of DART, Pat Cochran City Councilperson City of Carrollton, John Denholm Vice chair Planning and Zoning Commission, Brian Farlow Former Planning & Zoning Commissioner, Howard Fisher Former CFBISD Board of Trustees, Bernie Francis Former City Councilperson City of Carrollton, Bob Garza Former City Councilperson City of Carrollton, David Halloin Former Planning & Zoning Commissioner, Tim Hayden Former City Councilperson City of Carrollton, former DART Board member, Maytelin Herrerra Former Park and Recreation Board Chair City of Carrollton, Bonnie Kaplan Former City Councilperson City of Carrollton, John Mahalik Former City Councilperson City of Carrollton, NTTA Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pat Malone Former City Councilperson City of Carrollton, Becky Miller Former Mayor City of Carrollton, Andrew Palacios City Councilperson City of Carrollton, Reverend Willie Rainwater Community Leader, Guillermo Ramos CFBISD Board of Trustees, Judy Scarmardo Former City Councilperson City of Carrollton, Peter Sharrow Former Traffic Advisory Committee Member City of Carrollton, Jack Stotz Former Planning & Zoning Commissioner City of Carrollton, Young Sung City Councilperson City of Carrollton, John Sutter City Councilperson City of Carrollton, Lisa Sutter Former City Councilperson City of Carrollton, Beverly Weidinger and Kathy Foster wife and daughter of Herb Weidinger (decd) Former City Councilperson City of Carrollton, Terry Wright Former Planning & Zoning Commissioner, Photography by:Texas Tradition Photography. Carrollton City Council - Place 7. Together they represent the spectrum from very conservative to progressive, and everything in between. Several miles of IH 35 E would be closed early on a Friday night and stay closed all night long and re-open Saturday morning. In the future, DART will be extending the A-Train from Denton and adding a passenger rail line to Frisco, thus expanding our connections even further. Carrollton has been a long-time member and supporter of DART.Carrollton also has a stable housing stock that has been relatively affordable compared to some of our neighboring communities.There are many examples of joint efforts with neighboring communities. Davis Bacon or Prevailing Wage DOES NOT APPLY. Your purchase was successful, and you are now logged in. I can attest to this point that the neighborhoods in Carrollton - in my experience as a Black woman - have not been as open to neighborhood friendships. I am a problem-solver with the ability to communicate on tough issues and get the parties together to resolve problems. I intend to use these advantages to attract businesses and new residents. Going forward, we need to adopt and maintain policies that produce equitable outcomes for everyone. We won't share it with anyone else. I worked as a staff member in the City of Carrollton from 1999 to 2005 as Division Manager for Civil Engineering and understand the responsibilities of staff as compared to a Councilperson who is one member of an elected team. With the addition of those two lines, Carrollton will be the second largest passenger rail hub in the Metroplex. I favor the addition of lower-cost condominiums for those who need starter homes or affordable housing. make up the rest. I'm on target with my budget, but I need to continue to raise more money to fulfill my goal of reaching out and communicating with Carrollton voters. However, full access to the opportunities for students at these schools are relative to their parent or guardians' ability to provide transportation for them, which can be difficult for even the most flexible work schedule. Our Carrollton is a culturally diverse community and I would like to see the expansion of cultural enrichment programs along with performing arts offered to our residents. Public safety staff closed the freeway just south of the new bridge's location and routed all the traffic to the frontage roads. A community is only strongest when all citizens feel a part of that community. There are options for transportation available through DCTA. My third highest contributor is a tie -- a Black Latina who lives and works in Carrollton and a white male colleague in the DFW area. I will also work with neighborhoods to discuss how to keep the houses safe. The mayor is elected for a two-year term, presides over the council, and votes only in case of a tie. 3. All members of the Council are elected at-large and serve three-year staggered terms. Charter schools are also an important facet of our educational system. IMPORTANT: All entities will ask for identification information of the deceased individual which may include: Jan 1, 2022 - December 31, 2023 John T. Booth Linda Davis . I have grown and donated over 12 different types of vegetables and the Garden donated over 4,400 pounds of food last year. Your account has been registered, and you are now logged in. With support and engagement of surrounding municipalities, we can attract both businesses and residents that support and seek to engage with our community building practices. City Council . The school options in Carrollton are many and within each school, there are more options to meet the needs of students regarding academics, athletics, fine arts, special needs, College and career readiness, etc., Carrollton is located close to many work destinations and airports along with easy access to transit. This system eliminates the need to go to several different sources to complete all the documentation and record keeping not only to best support the students, but as required by law. 3036 Silverado Drive, Carrollton , TX, Campaign or Work Phone Number: My wife and I moved to Carrollton 15 years ago and have fallen in love with the community. Rev. Have the latest local news delivered every afternoon so you don't miss out on updates. Great schools districts are the backbone of a wonderful suburb like Carrollton. Public Safety officers worked each intersection to keep traffic moving at high speeds and minimize delays for all traffic. Several neighborhood associations in my area have recently upgraded signage for their neighborhood along Rosemeade / Dickerson Parkway. Carrollton has a great trail system, but it doesn't connect many area businesses. It is my goal to serve others through dedicating my time and talents to our community. Carrollton should continue these development programs and consider others as different needs arise in the community. Also, throughout the pandemic, Carrollton offered food and water stations and delivery to homebound citizens. Doors open at 6 p.m. Attendees will have an opportunity to mingle with city officials and meet members of the . I know what policies to fight for in the City Council to make Carrollton a better place. We need a city government that looks like Carrollton. This partnership shares resources in order to make delivery of services more efficient. NOMINATE & VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE IN LITTLE ELM! Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph.. Clear skies. I will be available to brainstorm options to attract desirable developments to Carrollton. Such a collaborative community-based mindset could very well have influence on other infrastructure of the city such as expanded transportation access, and the development of a cultural center to house and support community-building, arts events and engagement, police department outreach, and other activities. I ran for State Representative in 2016 and earned the Dallas Morning News' endorsement. Agendas. These community development services have multiple services within them that focus on specific target needs. These approaches would certainly attract residents and business owners who value these efforts, and the City would be primed to support such growth by the increased tax base, while balancing innovative ways for single and multi-family communities to perhaps first coexist and then thrive. So, both types of schools offer several specific focus areas. Keep it Clean. Carrollton has a lot to offer, yet we are often ignored by the greater DFW area. The filing period for Carrollton City Council spots is currently open, which includes seats that will be up for election on Saturday, May 6, 2023. As Carrollton continues to grow, our greatest need is making sure that we are prepared to absorb the growth. My contributors are very active locally, know me personally, and represent the diversity of our community. Nancy has the expertise and the experience as a civil engineer to build resilient infrastructure and bring in business to make Carrollton an even better place . Carrollton response to the pandemic was swift and in the best interest of its residents. Ive always had an interest in representing Carrollton, but I profoundly respected the Sutters excellent work, and I felt that they would continue to do a good job, so I did not run against them. Safety was the number 1 priority for the traveling public and all of those involved. FRIDAY 8am-5pm, 5/1 Downtown Carrollton has many events, but we have lots of parks, and we can do more to increase community events in our parks. Jason Carpenter, the Carrollton Planning and Zoning Commissions Chair, filed to run for the Place 2 spot on the council. A previous supervisor even told me, I dont understand how you got all these people to follow you! Why? Call 1-800-422-4661. This is why we must first engage in perspective-taking so that we can understand others experiences.

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