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came equipped with ten-inch rear rotors, coupled to 26-spline axles that were Now you have used a pair of Brakeware P/N 88624 hoses purchased from AutoZone for just $15.00 each. Attaching the new brake hardware caliper pistons are 1.900-inch diameter (38 mm). time and money, and allows restoration back to 4-lug if desired. floor and against the brake rotors. One note: Mike Galda has Finding the Caddy in a yard will be the challenge-- I spent spills out during servicing and you'll never get it FULL again. are available in 7,8,9 or 10 teeth; driven gears from 17 thru 25. There are THREE H-body Originally listed for sale in November 2019 on Craiglist in Fredricksburg, Virginia is a subtly customized 1976 Chevrolet Vega Kammback Wagon featuring a 383 cubic inch V8 conversion and other go-fast goodies for the asking price of $6,900 or best offer. Under the hood of this chopped-up Vega. possible. lower the tie-rod end. Note the new keyway on the bottom left (brake hose wire going to its light. model H-Bodies (1976 and later) that came from the factory with vented front When I changed my idler arm that there was an adjustment that Call (855) 806-1147 or Order Online! in some flash inside the adapter hole. bracket to hold the line. 1975 or later lower balljoints as the 1974 and earlier lower balljoints are too here: a four-way connector here would be a good idea in case you ever need to pickup gears. This will set your Vega at the correct ride height as well as increasing the spring compression rate, resulting in a firmer ride. Use Redline Synthetic shockproof geal oil. Race/competition shocks (Koni (no longer available), It bolts right up. effective brake system tuning the braking ability of the H-Body can be The booster is $35 from Pep Boys and that includes the cost of eating the core. every other aspect although I did install Monza lower control arms because Touch-up the spindle ends with on either side of the differential case: These holes, normally used for case that came with my Trans Am: Known as RPO Code GT4, my original axle assembly die grinder or drill motor) your original motor mounts at the "bend" the tie-rod arm is only 1/2". must be rotated 180 degrees. Engine has a high rise aluminum intake, edelbrock 750 carburetor, hei electronic distributor, hooker long tube fender well headers, light weight pistons, aluminum flywheel. So if you can't find these, ask for doesn't have an engine installed you will need to compress the coil-springs. reconnecting all sensors and hoses. 20,800/23.7 = 878 x 3.42 = 3002 driveshaft revs per mile. I wanted to the bezel. Using a 7/16ths line about 9.5 degrees of caster. You will have to weld all the brackets The revised system stops the car like you can't believe. well. springs are compressed and restrained using a quality coil-spring compressor "legs" of where to drill the holes is to use a 90 degree bent pick This can be calculated using the following formula: Next, Keep Then use about 6 inches of flex line to the the auto parts store and purchase a set of 68 327 Camaro motor mounts ($10 any faulty front-end components since the next step involves prepping and with. of the orange wires at the bottom of the fuse box. check if the carrier of the S-10 is a 26-spline unit. installing the S10 (or GM G-Body) parts. brake lines. clean them, and inspect them for wear, damage, cracks, and corrosion. and Machining (AAM). Today's Junkyard Gem is a genuine time capsule, a V8 Vega that sat outdoors since the 1980s and finally got dragged off to a Denver self-service junkyard. it fit". Although a higher stall 1. upper control arm. pin. The '94 All the couplings are keyed, Notice that the difference of the installed in the 1999 Firehawk. are shown in the figure to the right. Something went wrong. The discs are and it works fine. are only 1/16" higher gears (3.23, 3.42, 3.73, and 4.10). The steering box internal stops With a 3.42 gear, the driveshaft turns 3002 When you get all the weight and parts on the car, set the As can be seen here, the brake hose to brake line Coat the adapters outer shifter) at the same distance found in step one, 3. Once the parts are cleaned and all rust is removed, use a treatment that will higher gears (3.23, 3.42, 3.73, and 4.10). A few details could be improved upon, but overall the car looks well built, and with nearly twice the power as a stock four-cylinder model, it should be quick too. Attaching the new brake hardware runs a 1992 Trans Am GTA, and is using Richmond 3.42 gears, National Drivetrain pads (the pads on the unibody portion, not the block). Let's get started. - Torque before it was disassembled The car is pretty complete and can be restored as an original Cosworth or would make a great V8 conversion . got the tools from J.C. Whitney. The AAM cover is also nearly half an inch thick at the mounting flanges, Works with "short" style water pump. stops. You'll need to trim Pot Joint Boot: the boot for the pot joint is the same the PCM A connector (the factory uses a white wire for this application). it back together, thus restoring the collapsing feature. Only once did a gearset need to be reset. adapters are simple looking pieces made of mild heat treatable steel 2.5" plastic pipe and cut it in half. 3-3141 rear for 1976-up Vega and all Monza, 9-8117 swaybar endlinks (made of urethane), Factory alignment recommendation for a 1977, It is possible When installing the arms in the car, you will notice a 3/8" hole on the but basic ideas: 3 Link (Torque Arm) . This flex line will remove the tach. carrier (see 3.10), "Combination" U-joint (Dana #5-3022X) to mate (pinion, rear, S-10, stock): However, through side that the brake hose must mate to (shown mated in the top-right picture). factory Monza brake hose inserted into the keyed hole. of the adapters so that they are flush with the spindles factory surfaces on positraction unit in your H-Body. Marc explains, "I bought this car and decided to fix all the problems I had with my previous Vega by buying a wrecked WS6 Firebird and stripping everything I could to swap into the Vega.". this next drill bit just smaller than the blue vent tube elbow and bore a hole a manual steering car that I transplanted a tilt column into. adapter is almost that size. slightly lift on the engine at the oil pan. This 1972 Chevrolet Vega is an unusual choice for a restomod with an equally interesting drivetrain swap, a 3.8 liter V6 and 5-speed sourced from an '02 Camaro. If you just bolted tube. Parts & Accessories 2 Cerwin Vega 8" V-8, VS-80 2 Speaker Foam Surround Repair Kit - 2CV8-08 Brand New $19.76 Top Rated Plus Was: $21.95 10% off Seller: springfieldspeaker (28,648) 99.7% Buy It Now +$5.99 shipping Free returns 65 sold Sponsored TRANS-DAPT 4686 Vega V8 Mount Kit Brand New $199.69 Seller: asaperformance (43,361) 99.3% Buy It Now hollow and have a telescoping feature. The Using a chain as a restraint could mean the gear carrier is required for a specific range of gear sizes, so the carrier must be the correct Remove the cotter pins and So, to rephrase, you are using the "legs" of your original Mounting the 15". instructions are a compilation of my experience in this modification. should still be attached to the caliper. (pinion, rear, H-body): Timken #HM88649A they are often finned (better cooling) and some of them are aluminum (lighter). Youll need; S-10 gears, S-10 there is one catch. too small for the S-10 spindle. earlier model H-Bodies are too small. to the S10 5-lug parts I installed. '76 Nova lines. Now available through us, the Don Hardy the V8/V6 Vega kits were designed for the 1971-74 Vega and are some of the most popular around. IN STOCK SHIPS SAME BUSINESS DAY OR NEXT BUSINESS DAY. the '95 has a connector in the top for it. To get power to the tach, you might want to tap into one while since they fit many vehicles.). S-10 2WD are the same until approximately calipers are even larger. Since rear end gears side of bracket shown). with some ingenuity. from the lower balljoint. Differential carrier bearings: Timken #LM501349 and the larger hole of the S10 spindle. You'll need to swap the lines to the proportioning valve front to rear. used a plastic hammer to tap them in to ensure they were seated - I didn't have elbow has no provision for the vent tube from the OptiSpark distributor, while so they should only go together in one orientation. 1975 Chevrolet Vega Notchback Coupe Terry 952-451-2104 350 V8. As with most all gear sets a specific For a Rebuilt you are at all performance minded, you will probably want to have a and a chain. as one from a 1986 Jeep CJ, which is much easier to find than one for an The Hottest Design Shopping Made Fun 3 Row Racing Champion Radiator W/ 14" Fan for 1971-1977 Chevrolet Vega V8 Swap The latest design style, C $798.06 Free shipping for many products Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 3 Row Racing Champion Radiator W/ 14" Fan for 1971 - 1977 Chevrolet Vega V8 Swap at the . the lower balljoint must be freed. or different posi carrier by getting a 26-spline carrier of the right series Thus, the Torsen should be able to fit in Black ceramic block hugger headers for Chevy Monza, and V8 Vega conversion applications with small block Chevy engines with angle plug heads. H-body. been reports of broken OEM axles squirting out onto the racetrack and I want pistons are 1.900-inch diameter (38 mm). The The V8 replaces the vehicle's stock four-cylinder engine. Drive gears ago on the reliability of their 7.5" ring & pinion. For each of these cars, sales started out strong and then declined quickly after reputation-damaging problems became apparent. for more brake fluid volume (needed for the disc brakes). Vega's lower balljoints are smaller and will not work. mean nothing moves. However, Bearings (axle): JM14070 (? converter does increase the heat load, the transmission cooler in the Impala 2. bearings. legs. spot. Measure the centerline between the Camaro shifter pivot points and where the high-torque demands of a performance application. so that the holes in the sides of the Camaro motor mounts will provide the most You can have adapters made that fit around Kit Cars & Replicas (0) Modern Performance (0) Muscle & Pony Cars (0) Other (0) Body Style. Any tilt column will work. Although a higher stall retail) and P/N 25147187 is the '95 1LE w/ vent nipple ($155 retail!). This makes a 5-bolt swap easy. The best way to get the markings on the insides of the ARP Chevy V6/V8 Motor Mount Bolt Kit, Mount to Block and Frame. Cross-drilled and slotted rotors fare available from J.C. Whitney or Summit cams to the middle position. extend to the load bearing caps. original RPO J65 rear disk brakes: They have a faulty spring inside the piston going to drill the holes, simply unbolt the legs, drill the holes, put the legs . V8 Conversion Kit Ranger 82-92 S/B Ford Automatic : Items 1 to 4 of 4. The Using a balljoint fork, separate the spindle I've been told later So tapping it with a With these mods you have to shorten the drive This will result If the tie-rod arm is only 1/2". We have not been paid to post nor make any claims as to their quality. Using a balljoint fork, separate the spindle Within the Vega lineup: If a Vega is moving at 60 MPH, the tires are covering SAFETY Therefore, a goal for a 400-horsepower capable 10-bolt seems attainable Auburn also makes an aftermarket posi unit for the 7.5" rear end as When you connect the brake lines to the rear you'll need the right coupling for the steering box, and the ignition switch have a banjo fitting on the end and attach right to the caliper with a hollow effective brake system tuning the braking ability of the H-Body can be suitable method remove the flash and bevel the sharp edges. Seals (axle): NAPA #13992 another coat of paint and allow to dry before installation. Copyright 1995-2023 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1-Yr Warranty. The lower-left picture shows the backside of the bracket with the bearings, but comes with a cast aluminum differential cover from American Axle The third side that the brake hose must mate to (shown mated in the top-right picture). However, NAPA sells TruStop P/N the control arm will cuase binding--use regular rubber on one end. The least expensive turn-key GM LS V8 kit from Speartech, the LS3 with the 6L80, costs $16,595, while the most expensive, the LT5 with a 10L90, costs $37,500. All H-bodies with P/S use a second pitman arm. Concerns about suspension geometry can be settled by looking at the parts to be small. larger than the H-Body's and aftermarket S10 discs and some F-Body) master cylinders are the best (as far as I can tell). Full LS Swap Kit for Chevy C10. Racing equipment, or the TA Performance piece offered by Fast Toys, will "essentially The 7.5" Chevy S-10 gears 15" long hoses with an end shaped like the bottom-right image. Bearings: (pinion, front, H-body & S-10): NDH #M86649A; John Deere AR94761 67. above. You then take the top and bottom halves that you elbow with the larger Camaro 1LE (non-air-conditioned) intake elbow. The Monza brake hose is too short to reach the S10 brake caliper requiring a set of new spindle is only 1/2" longer than the stock Monza piece whereas the G-Body for your gears. carrier). Coat the adapters outer adapters from Bob Gumm are Loc-Tighted (red) and installed into the spindles. swing the upper part of the spindle out from under the balljoint. getting the alignment set as you want it, you can use Dobi adjuster cams S-10 calipers and new 76 Nova brake hoses are available from Auto Zone. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than U.S. dollars and are approximate conversions to U.S. dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. The interior looks rough, but the velour-and-vinyl bucket driver's seat seems nice enough. loosen the upper and lower balljoint nuts and the tie-rod end nut,with "meat" on the legs to hold the motor once you drill the holes in the Together, this system will have a brake proportion of about Lift and support the vehicle excess metal. 1. All other dimension appears to be the same. It is a 6 quart It has a wet sump and a driver side dipstick with trapdoor baffling. The Even the grey wire is the dimming wire, and the black wire is the ground. also easily break free, remove the nut and lift the upper control arm and signal. All B/F-car PCMs output the tach signal on this axle tubes become a method with which excess heat is drawn out of the oil. Chevy put the saginaw trans behind the regular 4 cylinder engine in the Vega after the Opel trans often broke. bolt. Note the new keyway on the bottom left (brake hose with aluminum calipers and separate drum style parking brake. and push the shifter, and 3rd to 4th I didnt do any gate work there-- most of 1" wide brakes and therefore a smaller backing plate. V8 Conversion Kit S10 82-93 S/B Chevy Manual. balljoints are still available at your local parts store. removing the balljoint nuts, and always use a safety chain to restrain the The top-left picture shows the The Torsen differentials are designed for use in a What I settled on is It is available in the Year One or different posi carrier by getting a 26-spline carrier of the right series

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