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He had so much to learn, him and Cory Joseph both. He does whatever the coach tells him to.. And after finishing 51st out of 86 in the league in 3-point percentage a year ago (among guys with 100 or more attempts) by converting 35.7 percent of his shots from beyond the arc, not only did Belinelli hit a full 43 percent of his 3sthis past year, he won the 3-point shootout duringAll-Star Weekend. Dont try to push it out to the 3-point line at first. At this point, you really have no idea what Leonard is like personally. Just as Engelland rebuilt Parkers shot and helped create a team cornerstone, he has built one again in Leonard. I honestly dont know. The Spurs won a title a month before his hire after defeating the Detroit Pistons in a thrilling seven-game series. Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate. The Curry Whisperer: Shot guru Fraser has MVPs ear. Check out Chip Engelland's College Stats, School, Draft, Gamelog, Splits and More College Stats at Jeff McDonald began covering the Spurs for the San Antonio Express-News in September 2007, three months after the team's fourth championship. Its hard to find a category where he isnt having his best season. The Bulls preferred to bring Mike Dunleavy back to town in Belinellis place, leaving him to hit the free-agent market. There you go. He had a lot of different skills. I remember the first year here, he was just getting comfortable on the wings. Want the latest in breaking news and insider information on the Spurs? Jake Fischer reported Monday afternoon that the San Antonio Spurs shooting coach Chip Engelland is set to leave the franchise when his contract is up. We thought Kawhi could change, too. Not these guys, they were a brute force. Engelland would ask Kerr to tell him what was going on with his kids or even leave him to read a newspaper. He just needed it to be honed in games, and because of the lockout there arent many games. Shooting coach Chip Engelland has worked with Tony Parker since joining the Spurs in 2005, helping the All-Star guard improve his jumper without sacrificing his tear-drop. The Thunder are hiring renowned shooting guru Chip Engelland as an assistant coach ahead of the 2022-23 season, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Sign up for the Layup Lines newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning. Barnwell wrote: With Kerr playing reduced minutes in Portland as a 36-year-old during the 2001-02 campaign, he found himself struggling to stay loose for meaningful shooting opportunities. Why do I mention this here, on a San Antonio Spurs fansite? Parkers struggles led defenses to leave him open in key situations, and the pressure led Popovich to lean on backup Speedy Claxton over his starting point guard late in games during the 2002-03 Finals against the Nets. When Leonard was drafted 15th overall by the Indiana Pacers out of San Diego State in 2011 and immediately traded to the Spurs, there were only three days left for him to meet his new bosses. Its nice when you get to watch it in person. Obviously having Chip England here one of the best shooting coaches if not the best in the world here at the Thunder is someone thats perfect for me to use as much as possible. Kawhi Leonard, $16,407,500, 2015-16. That would make Engelland worth more than $1million to the organization, and thats solely considering his work with Belinelli. After starring during his time at Pacific Palisades High School in California, Engelland went on to Duke, where he took advantage of a 17-foot-9-inch 3-point line to shoot 55.4 percent from behind the arc his senior year. MANILA, Philippines - San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Chip Engelland, who became a naturalized Filipino in the 1980s, offered some words of advice for Brooklyn Nets big man Andray Blatche, the latest recruit of Gilas Pilipinas. They have a potential star on their hands with Holmgren, and fans are getting even more excited about Giddeys projected development: I just bought all of the Josh Giddey stock that was left. Hes a throwback in the way that he doesnt need immediate satisfaction. Kerr and Engelland would sit alone on the bench in the Portland practice facility after everybody else had left. Tony Parker was an unknown quantity when the Spurs drafted him out of France with the 28th pick of the 2001 draft; as Charles Barkley famously put it shortly after the selection, I dont know that much about him, but if they got him in the first round, he must be a good player. Parker became an immediate starter in the league during his rookie season at just 19 years old, and he dazzled with his speed and ability to get to the rim, but his game had one huge hole: his outside shot. The Calgary 88's was a professional basketball franchise based in Calgary, Alberta, from 1988 to 1992.The team played in the World Basketball League.The 1992 season saw the league fold before the season was completed. And then when he came back to San Antonio after the lockout, the coaching staff was really happy with his progress and where he was with his jump shot.". (If you havent already, I encourage you to read the entire article here.). The next time youre thrown into those tests, youre better. But he still played, and got paid, like one for the majority of his prime. With Kerr playing reduced minutes in Portland as a 36-year-old during the 2001-02 campaign, he found himself struggling to stay loose for meaningful shooting opportunities. Popovich credits Engelland for San Antonio's free-throw accuracy.. Booty Patrol' truck spotted in South Texas, San Antonio woman shows strength of single moms on 'Naked and Afraid', Kyle to open first Costco Wholesale this March, Former Boerne quarterback allegedly gave plays to other XFL teams, Massive alligator shocks South Texas locals in Atascosa County. Fraser simply wanted Kerr to shoot better and suggested a never-before-tried drill to do it. It was June 25, 2011. The work clearly paid off, as Parker won Finals MVP in 2007, while Leonard won the award in 2014. However, as a rookie, Giddey was just 26.3 percent from beyond the arc. Hes in San Diego, every day is perfect, and instead of three, he only goes to the gym twice. In fact, the entire team has gotten much better from the charity stripe. Engelland would ask Kerr to tell him what was going on with his kids or even leave him to read a newspaper. In addition, see exclusive interviews with NBA players and coaches, from active super stars to retired legends.Part of the SB Nation sports network. I showed him pictures of Richard, and pictures of himself. Three years later, he signed with the Denver Nuggets as the director of player development, holding the position for two seasons. A starter from Day 1, he's since blossomed into the reigning Defensive Player of the Year and one of the NBA's very best two-way players. [4], Engelland is married to Jessica Grunow of Troy, Michigan. Spurs Notes: K. Johnson, Primo, Wesley, Branham, Engelland. Neal himself was another Engelland project; after making 35.9 percent of his 3sin college, Neal upped that to 39.8 percent during his three years in San Antonio, including that memorable night with six 3s against the Heat in Game 3 of last years Finals. 2. RELATED:The Kawhi Leonard companion: A Chad Forcier Q&A. And hes still getting better as a shooter. His reputation as a shot doctor comes from cases like Kawhi. Engelland, the Spurs' shooting coach, was firing off passes and instructions intermittently to the likes of Da'Juan Blair and Tiago Splitter as San Antonio looked to take a commanding 3-0 lead on the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference semifinals., Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. He's been heralded for his shooting development of Spurs legend Tony Parker, along with former Spur and current Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard. That creates a perpetual advantage that goes beyond one player and one shot. Leonard who averaged a career-high 12.8 points a game during the regular season but had never scored more than 26 points in an NBA preseason, regular-season or playoff game was different from the rest of Engelland's pet projects. Then they come to the pros and have a lot of different options in life. Engelland:Just to be patient, not get too down. 1993 In 1993, Engelland started his coaching career, introducing his basketball camps Chip Shots with the aim of helping players of all ages improve their shooting skills; two years later he founded the In-Net Corporation, strengthening his reputation as a clinician and advisor., Matt Lawson (@NBADynastyADP) July 27, 2022. They all swear by the man with the salt-and-pepper hair who used to captain Mike Krzyzewski's Duke teams, the 53-year-old who has such a special way of persuading the most stubborn of athletes to trust in his ways. What follows is a complete Q&A with Engelland: Tell me about your first dealings with Kawhi Leonard? I felt his shot didnt need a full makeover. Or worse. He shot more in high school. Engelland, described as a shot whisperer, helped former Spurs star Kawhi Leonard work on his jump shot after turning pro. Tiago Splitter, $10,000,000, 2013-14. In it, Barnwell describes how Engelland helped Steve Kerr when he was playing in Portland. . Chip changed that. They didnt get training camp. Josh Giddey's outside shot needs development. For the Minnesota Timberwolves, good coaching and development should play a major part in determining how far this talented group can go in 2022-23. Spurs assistant coach Chip Engelland (left) and point guard Tony Parker chat during the NBA Finals practice and media session at the AT&T Center on Wednesday, June 4, 2014. Eddie Johnson breaks down the all-time Spurs greats. Ginobili has only made two All-Star teams in his career. . The two would chat on the sideline for six minutes and then Fraser would jump up and pass Kerr a ball at the three-point arc. In 1993, Engelland started his coaching career, introducing his basketball camps Chip Shots with the aim of helping players of all ages improve their shooting skills; two years later he founded the In-Net Corporation, strengthening his reputation as a clinician . -Spurs assistant Engelland explains how he strengthened Leonards outside shot (LINK) So, if Engelland can have this dramatic of an impact upon his charges shooting ability, how much is he worth to the Spurs? Many blanched when the Spurs re-signed Splitter for $36 million over four years in 2013 to fend off interest from Portland. (Kin Man Hui/staff). Players such as Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, Danny Green and others have credited Engelland with helping them improve their shots. Josh Giddey this year after getting the Engelland treatment He will work hard over a long period of time for a goal. So, Fraser had Kerr re-enact his usual 48-minute game without Kerr realizing it. I will let you know if I hear from Draper. Chip Engelland was hardly a shooting slouch in his own right. Because Warriors Beat Writer Rusty Simmons tells a story about Fraser which will sound oddly familiar to Spurs fans, like us, who were avid readers of Grantland. You dont know if hes really going to work over the summer, or scrap the new formor what. When Kerr, one of the best shooters the game has seen, found himself in a slump, he wouldnt have considered calling anyone else. Then it occurred to me, maybe Warriors Coach Fraser took credit for a shooting drill actually developed by Coach Engelland? The kid was shooting one way for his whole life, and then he changed it in that short period of time. He did play professionally . Kobe has a beautiful form, technically really sound. Chip Engelland, a Spurs' assistant coach and shooting guru, has been a huge part of smoothing out and simplifying the shooting motion of Leonard, almost instantly making him a reliable. Its. Its not unreasonable to think either could end the season with a shooting percentage in the high 30s under Engellands tutelage. Spurs assistant Engelland explains how he strengthened Leonard's outside shot, Former Boerne QB investigated for allegedly sharing XFL plays, Spurs, Rockets vying for worst record in the NBA. My first thoughts were, who flew to Portland? When he was in, hed get a shot or two. Here's what you should know. Parkers more recent shot charts show how effective he can be in the midrange game, as he has been for the Spurs in 2013-14. Then, hed return to the bench. Chip, use your magic on Josh Giddey & I'll build you a statue personally. Some of the improvements Belinelli has made since arriving in San Antonio are undoubtedly a product of the Spurs offense getting him open looks and funneling him into places where he takes smarter shots. 9. Engelland, the former dead shot swingman of the NCC squad, is now an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA. And of course, the lockout hits a week after hes drafted, and youre not going to be able to help at all during that time. Two days earlier, the Spurs had pulled the trigger on the most daring draft-day. He would become Engellands first pet project in Texas. Bill Barnwell is a staff writer for Grantland. Was it Fraser or Engelland? Engelland is known for being the best "shot doctor" in the league. We used him as a model that release point and shot. Even though the Spurs publicly suggest now that they would have been able to play Parker and Kidd in the same lineup, its unlikely that San Antoniowould have been optimally employing itsresources, especially given Parkers limitations at the time. During Engellands time at Palisades, an eighth grader by the name of Steve Kerr was watching him from the stands. Engelland has become one of the more underrated faces in the game of basketball during his time with the Spurs. The Spurs will play Game 1 of the Finals against the Miami Heat on Thursday. The 88's played their home games at the Olympic Saddledome.Their best players during their time in Calgary consisted of Jim Thomas (Indiana) Chip Engelland (Duke), Darryl . In an interview with fan podcast "At The Line," Eubanks spoke about expanding his game away from the rim and working with the team's shooting coach guru, Chip Engelland. I got to see it in person. Richard was 30 years old when he changed his shot. Engelland served as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs starting from the 200506 season, and won two championships with the Spurs in 2007 and 2014. I remember the first year here, he was just getting comfortable on the wings. Back in April 2014, Bill Barnwell wrote a fascinating piece about Spurs coach Chip Engelland: The Shot Doctor.. He had a great focus, beyond his years.. On the other hand, Simmons was recently suspended after writing a news story on the Warriors purchase of land for their new arena that was copied almost entirely from a Warriors press release. Perhaps that explains why he might have taken a story about one NBA coach and attributed it to another, to make his piece more interesting. No Summer League. -Meet the NBA Shot Doctors (LINK) Who suggested a never-before-tried drill to Kerr? No open gym, which is a month. Spurs put on a clinic vs. Heat in Game 3 win. I think his scoring average has gone up each year not by 10 points, but 2 or 3 points each year. I walked into pre-draft camp, and Kawhi wasnt scheduled to work out. As DraftExpress noted before the 2011 lottery, virtually every one of Leonards shooting metrics from his time at San Diego State were abysmal. The Spurs will play the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals starting on Thursday. Kerr was in the middle of a shooting slump and went to dinner with his wife and Engelland. Ive also tweeted Simmons, and his Editor at the Chronicle, Audrey Cooper. Engelland comes to the Thunder after 17 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs , where he had been significantly credited with the shooting development of young players like Kawhi Leonard . David Robinson, $14,841,000, 1998-99. Engellands career as an NBA shooting coach started well before his time in San Antonio. We all talked (as a staff). He replied: Kerr told me it was Engelland when I interviewed him for the piece in 2014. But among that group, Giddeys 3-point percentage is lower than each of those players except for Ben Simmons (the only player on that list other than Doncic not to win an MVP). Chris Ballard covered Engellands work with Parker in his excellent bookThe Art of a Beautiful Game: In Parkers case, the first thing Engelland noted was that while his form was exemplary on his one-handed runners and teardrops, Parker held the ball differently on his jump shot. 8. Hes been great.. He had a similar shot, behind his head. He has stayed healthy and played 80 games for the first time in his career, loggingmore minutes than ever, but he has simultaneously become a far more efficient scorer in all those minutes. The one criticism of Giddeys game so far has been his shootingand ability to hit the scoreboard. Danny Green, $10,000,000, 2015-16. And I think he did. Click here to watch Jalen & Jacoby, Grantland Features, and video podcasts. When San Antonio acquired Kawhi Leonard in 2011, they got a player who was a defensive stalwart, but very limited offensively. [1][3] In 2022, Engelland signed as an assistant coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he works today. We talked about it. In that episode, Fraser flew to Portland, but didnt want Kerr to pick up the airfare, hotel bill or food costs. Make or miss, Fraser would go back to the bench. The ultimate goal in my job is for the player to be their own shooting coach, but in the right way. UPDATE #2: I received an email from Rusty Simmons. But with the new money pouring into the NBA, it might actually be a bargain for a solid role player on both sides of the ball. "He has a great feel and understanding of what makes players tick and how to deal with them especially Kawhi," Leonard's agent, Brian Elfus of Impact Sports, said of Engelland. He would have needed a ticket or a television to watch the contest that time a year ago, let alone participate. Timberwolves should pursue Spurs shooting coach Chip Engelland In the NBA today, player development is more important than it's ever been. You play within your teams structure. Perhaps owing to the effort Tom Thibodeau shouts and grimaces out of every Bulls player on defense, Belinelli posted a .460 effective field goal percentageduring his season with the Bulls, his lowest as a pro. He shot just 32 percent on catch-and-shoot jumpers and 28 percent on pull-ups. Engelland will arrive in Oklahoma. He missed a big free throw, for example, in the 2013 Finals. Chris Finch and company should do everything they can to add him to the coaching staff. To put what hes done in context, consider that Leonard shot an even 25 percent (41-for-164) on his 3-point attempts during his two years at school. Engelland wasn't much of a defender or playmaker but he totaled 1,025 points in his Duke career before going on to. Hes also become a much better free throw shooter, having hit 69.7 percent of his free throws before Engelland changed his shot and 77.2 percent of his freebies since.4 Altogether, since Engelland came to San Antonio, the only guard who has hit a higher percentage of his 2-point shots than Parker is Steve Nash.5 Chip Engelland might very well be the difference between Tony Parker, very good point guard, and Tony Parker, future Hall of Famer. But since then, he's won two rings with the Spurs after titles in 2007 and 2014. Again, the fix seems impossibly simple in hindsight. [2] He was known by Filipino fans as "the Machine Gun" for his superb shooting skills. At first, hes learning something and changing it. Is that the point in the project where Kawhi is right now? After graduating from Duke in 1983, Engelland went on to play professionally for nine years. Spurs shooting coach Chip Engelland (center) chats with Spurs' Aron Baynes during the practice and media session at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. Arthur Edward "Chip" Engelland III (born May 9, 1961) is an American basketball coach and former professional player. Engelland, in fact, became a naturalized citizen of the Philippines and played for their national team (sponsored inimitably as San Miguel Beer) in the 1985 Jones Cup, where Engelland dropped 43 points on a Gene Keady-coached United States team in a double-overtime thriller.2. A lot of them, I have to watch on film. Chip Engelland grabbed a book off a display, thumbed through it, then looked up in my direction, at me, quickly; a sightless glance, the kind one delivers to strangers thoughtlessly. All rights reserved. They didnt reconnect until the 1993-94 season. Showing Editorial results for chip engelland. We came up with a couple things, and he was all ears. He was very interested in improving. Repeat six more times and youve got the leagues most unlikely and simultaneously most logical shooting workout. Engelland might quietly be one of the most undervalued assets in basketball. Assuming that Fraser did not tell Simmons the story about flying up to Portland to work with Kerr, developing a shooting drill that involved him sitting most of the time, reading a newspaper, Im left thinking that Simmons stumbled across, or knew, the anecdote about Engelland and mistakenly attributed it to Fraser. Chip Engelland est le shooting coach de Tony Parker. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. I happened to walk in, and he happened to take shots literally right when I walked in. More recently, Engelland worked with Tiago Splitter on his free throws, and theres been a notable improvement; after hitting 58.2 percent in the Euroleague, Splitter has made 68.0 percent of his free throws in the NBA. There was no better source to go to for answers, what with the Spurs having set Finals records for first-quarter shooting (86.7%) and first-half shooting (75.8%) in their Game 3 win against the Miami Heat that gave them a 2-1 series lead. I think we did one different thing this summer. Chip Engelland, the San Antonio Spurs assistant coach who has been working wonders with NBA players' jump shots since the late 1990s, found himself holding court with a half-dozen reporters at. In 1993, Engelland started his coaching career, introducing his basketball camps Chip Shots with the aim of helping players of all ages improve their shooting skills; two years later he founded the In-Net Corporation, strengthening his reputation as a clinician and advisor. Or is it a little of both? Now heres what Rusty Simmons wrote about Bruce Fraser, who is an assistant coach for the Warriors under Steve Kerr and working with Steph Curry. Belinelli, who was already about to join his fifth team after just six seasons in the league, hadnt offered much during his lone season in Chicago, where he helped fill in for the injured Derrick Rose. They both had this (mimics the behind-the-head form). Since that time, no player who took 150 3-pointers in college before taking the same number of 3sin the pros has improved theirshooting percentage on triplesmore than Kawhi Leonard has: The line to sign Marco Belinelli this past offseason couldnt have been very long. You can argue that the Spurs actually got a bargain here, with speculation that Green's talents as a 3-pointer shooter/defender would command significantly more. It's easy to forget that Jackson was a damn good player in his day, averaging at least 18 points in five different seasons. Engelland is considering the best shooting coach in the NBA. he San Antonio Spurs have announced that Chip Engelland has joined the team as an assistant coach. 2023 ESPN Internet Ventures. 10. Factor in Leonards transformation and the figure starts rising dramatically. At some point, it becomes his. You don't. You can see Leonards old shot in the pre-draft workout clips here and a closeup of his new form here. He probably could have gotten it, but he would have had to leave his comfort zone in San Antonio. Engelland doesnt discuss the particular players hes working with, butits fair to assume that the Spurs evaluated Leonards game closely and felt confident that Engelland could improve his shot before the team traded George Hill to the Pacers for Leonards draft rights. Kawhi went back to San Diego and perfected it, really came back and was ready for training camp after the lockout. With that in mind, its no small matter that one of the most coveted skills coaches in the NBA is about to make a departure from his current team. Does he bounce back quickly from setbacks? "Chip is a great addition to our. Ranking the five best players in Spurs history. Kerr "worked out" for 30 minutes and shot six shots. "So I had some pictures of Richard, and I had pictures of Kawhi, and showed them the difference and the similarities. Engelland, 56, is the teams shooting coach. Engelland insisted that Parker take the 3-point shot out of his game, and he has; after averaging nearly 200 3-pointers per season during his four seasons in the league without Engelland and hitting on just 31.5 percent of them Parker has averaged just over 56 3-point attempts per season since. Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) July 27, 2022, Tim MacMahon (@espn_macmahon) July 27, 2022, Josh Giddey to the fn moon. You dont want to rush and try to get results in one day. After a few minutes, Engelland would shout at Kerr to go, and the two would sprint off the bench and set Kerr up for a single 3-point attempt from the wing before returning to the bench. The fine-tuning continues. He never did it with the Spurs, but they were more than happy to bring him on in order to dump Jefferson and his ill-fated contract. SAN ANTONIO - DECEMBER 13: Assistant coach Chip Engelland of the San Antonio Spurs looks on from the sideline during the game against the Los Angeles Clippers on December 13, 2005 at the SBC. We saw that right away. Chip Engelland, the San Antonio Spurs assistant coach who has been working wonders with NBA players' jump shots since the late 1990s, found himself holding court with a half-dozen reporters at the NBA Finals off-day session at American Airlines Arena. You can only imagine how furious he might have been hadthe signing actually happened. Its like a great pitcher when do I throw the curve, or the change-up. Spurs shooting coach Chip Engelland (right) works with guard Tony Parker prior to their pre-season game against the Philadelphia 76ers at the SBC Center on Thursday, October 27, 2005. The Casa De Spurs Podcast is available everywhere, including: (function(d, s, id) { Engelland has been with the Spurs since July 2005. Engelland, 61, served as an assistant coach for the Detroit Pistons (1999-2000) and Denver Nuggets (2003-2005) before arriving to San Antonio in 2005. He was known by Filipino fans as "the Machine Gun" for his superb shooting skills. He has made a career out of molding shooters, and Belinelli is his latest star pupil. Join in via the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook!TWITTER: BBALLBREAKDOWNBBallBreakdown is devoted to deep-dive analysis of NBA basketball gameplay. Is that something that is continually tweaked throughout his first year, and down the line? "Shooting was a big. Behind the scenes in San Antonio, theres Chip Engelland the man who has been quietly improving the Spurs offense. Before the season, ESPN Insider Kevin Peltons SCHOENE projection system used Belinellis prior performance to suggest that he would hit 44.0 percent of his 2-pointers and 39.4 percent of his 3s. UPDATE #1: Bill Barnwell responded to my email, in which I asked whether the drill for Kerr was created by Fraser or Engelland. Chip Engelland-the guy who singlehandedly redoctored Tony Parker's jumpshot! Giddey led all rookies in assists per game during his promising rookie campaign. Sports-Reference.coms college basketball site has full-career data for NCAA players going back through the 1999 season. Jaden McDaniels, who shot just 31.7 percent from three this past season, would be a huge beneficiary of the shot doctors work. It's unclear when his contract will end, as the details and terms of the deal are not available to the public. good to see improvements but Im still a long way from where I want to be., Josh Giddey said that working with Chip Engelland has been a big part of his everyday routine: To have him here is great., Lu Dort confirms hes been working with Chip Engelland and has already gave him advice on his shot, Josh Giddey said Chip Engelland didnt join the staff to restructure his shot and its only been minor adjustments, OKC Blue HC Grant Gibbs will now join Thunder HC Mark Daigneaults staff as an assistant, Spent a lot of time in the gym getting up shots. Buford and coach Gregg Popovich have dispatched Engelland and fellow assistant coach Chad Forcier to spend two weeks training with Leonard in his hometown. [2] He got his first job in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the 19992000 season, serving as a shooting consultant for the Detroit Pistons. While Leonard was still considered a talented player and was only 19 on draft day, his primary contributions at the professional level at least at first were expected to come from his defense, effort, and rebounding. Click through the slideshow to see which Spurs earned the most. Instead of going to the gym three times a day this summer, I think he only went twice a day. His team went a league-best 62-20, without a single player averaging 30 minutes per game and after an offseason in which the Spurs lost Popovichs two primary assistants. Tony Parker, $13,500,000, 2010-11. There were 13 Thunder players in attendance during Olin Simplis Big Guard U NBA runs. That was a nice statement for him.. For that story, I conducted extensive interviews with the Spurs player-development coaches, Chip Engelland and Chad Forcier. Engelland:At a certain point in anybodys rookie season, you back off and let him learn the league, learn the Spurs. Engelland asked for permission to change Leonard's shot, to perform a "tune-up," as he called it, on the player who shot 43.5% overall and 27.5% from three-point range in his final collegiate season but hit 52.2% of his shots overall and 37.5% of his threes this season.

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