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[citation needed] Several women were invited to the suite. On April 18, 1922, Will Hays, the president of the new organization, banned Arbuckle from filmmaking. Brady at first used Delmont as his star witness during the indictment hearing. In his testimony, Arbuckle claimed that Rappe (whom he testified he had known for five or six years) came into the party room (1220) around noon that day, and that sometime afterward he went to his room (1219) to change clothes after Mae Taub, daughter-in-law of Billy Sunday, asked him for a ride into town. With no concern for prejudicing the trial, the sensationalist "yellow journalism" Press churned out lurid stories of Tinseltown's depravity alongside coverage of the case. An infection that developed on his leg became a carbuncle so severe that doctors considered amputation. [13] Subsequent witnesses testified that Rappe had for some time suffered from cystitis, a condition which could have been aggravated by consuming alcohol. On Eve of his Comeback. It also didnt help Delmonts credibility that shed sent telegrams to attorneys saying WE HAVE ROSCOE ARBUCKLE IN A HOLE HERE CHANCE TO MAKE SOME MONEY OUT OF HIM.. Gina Dimuro is a New York-based writer and translator. Read about our approach to external linking. It was like floating in the arms of a huge doughnutreally delightful. No one seems to remember the comedic genius of Fatty Arbuckle. Dear Mick: You state, regarding the Fatty Arbuckle alleged rape-murder incident, "That crime never happened." However, since you were not there, you can't truthfully say it "never happened." The first two trials ended in hung juries, indicating that the evidence was not open and shut. After five days and over forty hours of deliberation, the jury returned on February 3, deadlocked with a 102 majority in favour of conviction, resulting in another mistrial. The next day he signed a contract with Warner Bros. to star in a feature-length film. The main prosecution witness, Zey Prevon, had escaped house arrest and left the country. In 1913, at the age of 26, Arbuckle hit the big time when he signed with Mack Sennett's Keystone Film Company and became one of the Keystone Kops. He had merely carried her to the bed and she had fallen off, insisted Arbuckle. After over two weeks of testimony with sixty prosecution and defense witnesses, including eighteen doctors who testified about Rappe's illness, the defense rested. The jury began deliberations April 12 and took only six minutes to return with a unanimous not-guilty verdict; five of those minutes were spent writing a formal statement of apology to Arbuckle for putting him through the ordeal, a dramatic move in American justice. Roscoe Arbuckle, the youngest of nine children, reportedly weighed 16 pounds at birth in Smith Center, Kansas on March 24, 1887. Photo: File photo. Working mostly in bit parts, Rappe died after attending a party with actor Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, who was accused of manslaughter and rape in connection with her death, though he was ultimately acquitted of both charges. Tuesday, August 20, 2019. From then until 1913, Roscoe was on the stage, performing as an . And it emerged in court that the prosecution had used intimidation to force several witnesses to testify against Arbuckle. Will H. Hays, who served as the head of the newly formed Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA) censor board, cited Arbuckle as an example of the poor morals in Hollywood. Video'Trump or bust' - grassroots Republicans are still loyal, Why Trudeau is facing calls for a public inquiry. In his room, Arbuckle discovered Rappe in the bathroom vomiting into the toilet. Additionally, the jury wrote an apology to Arbuckle: Being acquitted was not the end to Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle's problems. The Vitaphone shorts were very successful in America,[46] although when Warner Bros. attempted to release the first one (Hey, Pop!) [6], Arbuckle was nearly two when his family moved to Santa Ana, California. His stage name was Fatty Arbuckle, and he was a big, graceful actor with acrobatic ingenuity and a befuddled. The Arbuckle family moved to the Los Angeles area (Santa Ana, California) when Roscoe was 8. Farley's film was signed with Vince Vaughn as his co-star. Sharing the Spotlight A young British stage actor. Arbuckle wrote the story for a Keaton short called Day Dreams (1922). The show consisted of the audience judging acts by clapping or jeering, with bad acts pulled off the stage by a shepherd's crook. [n 1] Although his large size was undoubtedly part of his comedic appeal, Arbuckle was self-conscious about his weight and refused to use it to get "cheap" laughs like getting stuck in a doorway or chair. By 1930, Arbuckle sold his interest and it became known as George Olsen's Plantation Caf, later The Plantation Trailer Court and then Foreman Phillips County Barn Dance. Wikipedia, 25 Jan. 2012. Though as Fatty Arbuckle was taking the world by storm with his movie career, a new face was just beginning to make the rounds in Hollywood. Click Lists to find my most popular articles. most memorably, enables a scene in which a funeral procession passes out a window while a wedding goes on in the foreground. Eventually, the hotel staff was contacted and Rappe was taken to another room to rest. After this look at Fatty Arbuckle and the Virginia Rappe case, read up on other old Hollywood scandals including the murder of William Desmond Taylor and the tragic downfall of Frances Farmer. The audience went wild, and he won the competition and began a career in vaudeville. It was then that she was taken to a hospital where doctors originally thought she had alcohol poisoning from the bootleg liquor. Nevertheless, the controversy surrounding his possible guilt and the case as a whole continues on. [citation needed], The 2021 French graphic novel Fatty: le premier roi d'Hollywood, by Nadar and Julien Frey, portrays the period from Arbuckle's early days in Hollywood to his death. Virtually the only indisputable facts seem to be that on September 5, 1921, there was a party at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco where alcohol was in abundance (despite Prohibition laws) and that both Arbuckle, then age 33, and a woman named Virginia Rappe were in attendance. But then Rappe uttered the words that would damn the star: "He did this to me.". The second trial also discredited some major evidence such as the identification of Arbuckle's fingerprints on the hotel bedroom door: Heinrich took back his earlier testimony from the first trial and testified that the fingerprint evidence was likely faked. Roscoe Conkling "Fatty" Arbuckle (March 24, 1887 - June 29, 1933) was an American silent movie actor, comedian, director, and screenwriter. To calm Rappe down, they placed her in a bathtub of cool water. In 1921, Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle was the highest-paid actor in the world. One newspaper even dubbed her an amateur call-girlwho used to get drunk at parties and start to tear her clothes off.. Keaton attempted to help Arbuckle by giving him work on his films. Then, one by one, the 12-person jury plus the two jury alternates walked up to Arbuckle's defense table, where they shook his hand and/or embraced and personally apologized to him. Virginia Rappe was a 26-year old aspiring actress and model, originally from Chicago, who had a reputation as something of a party girl. [citation needed], Arbuckle and Dan Coombs, one of Culver City's first mayors, re-opened the Plantation Club near the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios on Washington Boulevard as Roscoe Arbuckle's Plantation Caf on August 2, 1928. [49], Many of Arbuckle's films, including the feature Life of the Party (1920), survive only as worn prints with foreign-language inter-titles. One report had stated that while raping her, Arbuckles weight had caused Rappes bladder to rupture. [citation needed], Arbuckle was a talented singer. The papers excluded reporting that Rappe had a history of numerous abortions, with some evidence stating she might have had another a short time before the party. The scandal that followed her death had nothing to do with the fame, or lack of it, of the pretty actress - it was her link to the man who was known as "America's Funnyman . [3] Arbuckle hired as his lead defense counsel Gavin McNab, a competent local attorney. The young woman's fiance, film director Henry Lehrman, introduced her to Arbuckle, and according to . [6] This film was not released until 1920, when Balshofer recut it and released it under the title An Adventuress, and later in 1922, after Rappe's death, as The Isle of Love.[7]. On September 9, 1921, the death of a young movie actress named Virginia Rappe would make newspaper headlines around the world. To celebrate just having finished three pictures at the same time and to celebrate his new contract with Paramount, Arbuckle and a couple of friends drove up from Los Angeles to San Francisco on Saturday, September 3, 1921, for some Labor Day weekend revelry. [25], Arbuckle's trial was a major media event. [9], The circumstances of Rappe's death in 1921 became a Hollywood scandal and were covered widely and sensationalized by the media of the time. During the deliberations, some jurors joined Hubbard in voting to convict, but they all recanted except for Thomas Kilkenny. There she met dress designer Robert Moscovitz and they became engaged, but shortly afterward he was killed in a streetcar accident, and Rappe moved to Los Angeles. Jennifer Rosenberg is a historian and writer who specializes in 20th-century history. Arbuckle, whose real name was Roscoe, had allegedly locked Rappe in a room and crushed her with his 19 stone body weight and raped her. The story was fueled by yellow journalism, with the newspapers portraying Arbuckle as a gross lecher who used his weight to overpower innocent girls. Rappe died four days later after being examined. [8] Rappe appeared in at least four films for Lehrman: His Musical Sneeze, A Twilight Baby, Punch of the Irish and A Game Lady. Arbuckle was fond of the "pie in the face", a comedy clich that has come to symbolize silent-film-era comedy itself. Arbuckle greeted visitors in his pajamas and though this was during Prohibition, large quantities of liquor werebeing drunk. Arbuckle was soon arrested and charged with the murder of Virginia Rappe. Party guests tried a number of strange treatments, including covering Rappe with ice, but she still wasn't getting any better. "Fatty" had also been Arbuckle's nickname since school; "It was inevitable", he said. According to party guest Maude Delmont, after a few drinks, Arbuckle strong-armed Virginia Rappe into his room with the sinister utterance Ive waited for you five years, and now Ive got you. After 30 minutes or so, Delmont became concerned upon hearing screams from behind the closed door of Arbuckles room and started knocking. It was a double tragedy.". [57] However, the project was shelved. Arbuckle was the defendant in three widely publicized trials between November 1921 and April 1922 for the rape and manslaughter of actress Virginia Rappe. Doing odd jobs around the place in exchange for room and board, author Stuart Oderman reports that Roscoe liked to sing, which caught the attention of the hotel's musician, Pansy Jones. "He had magical comic timing. [4][5] At 18, she began working as a commercial and art model. Even today, publications re-examining the scandal often come to completely different conclusions regarding Fatty Arbuckles guilt or innocence. [3], By the time of Arbuckle's third trial, his films had been banned, and newspapers had been filled for the past seven months with stories of Hollywood orgies, murder, and sexual perversion. Arbuckle's lawyers found physicians in San Francisco for authority and physicians in Chicago who would state for the record that they treated or may have treated Virginia Rappe between 1908 and 1914. It was on 5 September 1921, that Arbuckle ended up at a party in a luxury suite on the 12th floor of the St Francis, after taking a break from a hectic filming schedule. Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle surrenders to Detective J.D. Hubbard's husband was a lawyer who did business with the D.A. [54], In Ken Russell's 1977 biopic Valentino, Rudolph Nureyev as a pre-movie star Rudolph Valentino dances in a nightclub before a grossly overweight, obnoxious, and hedonistic celebrity called "Mr. Fatty" (played by William Hootkins), a caricature of Arbuckle rooted in the public view of him created in popular press coverage of the Rappe rape trial. But at the hospital, Delmont told police that Rappe had been raped by Arbuckle at the party and on September 11, 1921, the comedian was arrested. Can Nigeria's election result be overturned? He discovered Buster Keaton and Bob Hope. He soon became one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Oh, I thought he was magnificent in films. Girls win big. In one of the first major Hollywood scandals, the beloved and overweight film star "Fatty" Arbuckle is accused of raping and murdering Virginia Rappe. In spite of the acquittal and the apology, his reputation was not restored and the effects of the scandal continued. Bakhmut attacks being repelled, says Ukraine, Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore dies at 61, US lawyer jailed for murdering wife and son, The children left behind in Cuba's mass exodus, Xi Jinping is unveiling a new deputy - why it matters, Snow, Fire and Lights: Photos of the Week. [12][13] They made a strange couple, as Minta was short and petite while Arbuckle tipped the scales at 300lbs. The media had a field day with the story . One of Arbuckle's feature-length films known to survive is Leap Year, which Paramount declined to release in the U.S. owing to the scandal. Another hole in the prosecution's case was opened because Prevon, a key witness, was out of the country after fleeing police custody and unable to testify. Arbuckle's rehabilitation was finally complete when Warner Bros offered him a feature-film contract in 1933. [30] At the beginning of the trial Arbuckle told his already-estranged wife, Minta Durfee, that he did not harm Rappe; she believed him and appeared regularly in the courtroom to support him. Elizabeth Fischer . [6], In 1916, Rappe moved to San Francisco to pursue her career as an artist's model. On September 5, 1921, Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle, known as Fatty, a known comedian, actor, director and screen writer, and two others rented three rooms in the St. Francis Hotel. 1921. He was simple, direct, and unflustered in both direct and cross-examination. 'Fatty' Arbuckle in silent film Coney Island, from 1917. In response to the Arbuckle scandal, Hollywood established a self-policing organization that was to be known as the "Hays Office.". Mack Sennett, when recounting his first meeting with Arbuckle, noted that he "skipped up the stairs as lightly as Fred Astaire" and that he "without warning went into a feather light step, clapped his hands and did a backward somersault as graceful as a girl tumbler". Guests to San Francisco's Westin St Francis Hotel still ask to see the room where an infamous bootleg-booze-soused party took place 90 years ago. [citation needed], Fatty Arbuckle's was an American-themed restaurant chain in the UK named after Arbuckle. [40] The same year, in Photoplay's August issue, James R. Quirk wrote: "I would like to see Roscoe Arbuckle make a comeback to the screen." Ultimately, the judge found no evidence of rape. On April 18, 1922, six days after Arbuckle's acquittal, Hays banned him from ever working in U.S. movies again. We feel that a great injustice has been done him there was not the slightest proof adduced to connect him in any way with the commission of a crime. Rappe was not taken to the hospital on that day. However, his father no longer encouraged his acting when his mother passed away. But by this time, the scandal had so devastated Arbuckles career that the jury who acquitted him felt obliged to read an apologetic statement that concluded with We wish him success and hope that the American people will take the judgment of fourteen men and women that Roscoe Arbuckle is entirely innocent and free from all blame.. HE was one of Hollywood's biggest stars and adored by millions. The shocking legacy of the Dutch 'Hunger Winter', Why Alex Murdaugh was spared the death penalty, 'Trump or bust' - grassroots Republicans are still loyal. Arbuckle was later acquitted by. What happened in room 1219? had grocery-store gags reminiscent of Arbuckle's 1917 short The Butcher Boy, with vaudeville comic Fritz Hubert as his assistant, dressed like Buster Keaton. [3], On September 17, 1921, Arbuckle was arrested and arraigned on charges of manslaughter. During the party one of the guests, Virginia Rappe, an aspiring actress, was found seriously ill in room 1219, the room in which Arbuckle was to stay. The movies were so lucrative and popular that in 1918 they offered Arbuckle a three-year, $3million contract (equivalent to about $54,000,000 in 2021 dollars[15]). The happening at the hotel was an unfortunate affair for which Arbuckle, so the evidence shows, was in no way responsible. He arranged bail after nearly three weeks in jail. Silent-film comedian Al St. John (Arbuckle's nephew) and actors Lionel Stander and Shemp Howard appeared with Arbuckle. But nine decades on, the mystery remains: why did Virginia Rappe die? The trial was thorough and Arbuckle took the stand to share his side of the story. Luckily for Arbuckle's lawyers, the case was riddled with holes. [66], Arbuckle is referred to in a nonsensical fashion in "Have You Seen Me? Another tale credits Keaton, an inveterate punster, with suggesting that Arbuckle become a director under the alias "Will B. Now that illusion was shattered and studio bosses were terrified it would destroy Hollywood itself.". Are you sure Roscoe Arbuckle is getting one today? [3], Arbuckle's attorneys later concentrated their attention on one woman named Helen Hubbard, who had told jurors that she would vote guilty "until hell freezes over". During the carousing, a 30-year-old aspiring actress named Virginia Rappe was found seriously ill in room 1219 and was examined by the hotel doctor, who concluded her symptoms were mostly caused by intoxication and gave her morphine to calm her. Fatty Arbuckle, a silent-film era performer at the height of his fame, is arrested in San Francisco for the rape and murder of aspiring actress Virginia Rappe. Although Arbuckle was able to keep his leg, he was prescribed morphine against the pain; he would later be accused of being addicted to it. Arbuckle was charged with first-degree murder, eventually reduced to manslaughter. ThoughtCo. Arbuckle however, testified that he had gone into his bathroom and found Rappe already there on the floor, vomiting. 05 Feb. 2012. She refused to look at the exhibits or read the trial transcripts, having made up her mind in the courtroom. What fueled the scandal at the time and what has remained a mystery ever since is just what role, if any, Arbuckle played in Rappes death. What happened in the following ten minutes is disputed. Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle. He helped Charlie Chaplin become an actor. https://www.thoughtco.com/fatty-arbuckle-scandal-1779625 (accessed March 4, 2023). Read about our approach to external linking. McNab also managed to get in still more evidence about Rappe's lurid past and medical history. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. While Arbuckle saw a resurgence in his popularity immediately after his third trial (in which he was acquitted) Zukor decided he had to be sacrificed to keep the movie industry out of the clutches of censors and moralists. In his testimony, Arbuckle denied he had any knowledge of Rappe's illness. He later worked as a film director under the pseudonym William Goodrich. One of the rooms occupied by Arbuckle and his guests in the days after the infamous party. Both Fatty Arbuckle and Virginia Rappes names were dragged through the mud in the competition to print the most salacious rumors. He was manly throughout the case and told a straightforward story on the witness stand, which we all believed. After hearing testimony from one of the party guests, Zey Prevon, that Rappe told her "Roscoe hurt me" on her deathbed, the judge decided that Arbuckle could be charged with first-degree murder. Buster Keaton is said to have been in the courtroom and provided important evidence to prove Arbuckle's innocence; Delmont was involved in prostitution, extortion, and blackmail. This film was loosely based on the misconceptions surrounding the Arbuckle scandal, yet it bears almost no resemblance to the documented facts of the case. Some 8,000 strangers attended her funeral at St. Stephens Episcopal Church in East Hollywood. He was the first movie star in America to systematically direct his own films. Roscoe Arbuckle in FATTY'S WILD RIDE TUESDAY Geo. Durfee starred in many early comedy films, often with Arbuckle. Rosenberg, Jennifer. The 30-year-old former host of "Cheaters" was laid to rest Saturday in Provo, Utah during a private ceremony. For Fatty Arbuckle's American Diners, see, However, according to the Motion Picture Studio Directory for 1919 and 1921, Arbuckle began his screen career with Keystone in 1913 as an extra for $3 a day (equivalent to approximately $82 in 2021 dollars, Last edited on 14 February 2023, at 13:48, Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors of America, List of actors with Hollywood Walk of Fame motion picture stars, "Fatty The Skinny on the Fatty Arbuckle Trial", "Fatty Arbuckle and the Death of Virginia Rappe", "Year: 1900; Census Place: Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California; Roll: 111; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 0077; FHL microfilm: 1240111", "Roscoe Arbuckle | American actor and director | Britannica", "Roscoe Always Jolly But Weak: Stepmother", "Dies in His Sleep. McNab was furthermore able to get Nurse Hultson to admit that the rupture of Rappe's bladder could very well have been a result of cancer, and that the bruises on her body could also have been a result of the heavy jewelry she was wearing that evening. [4][5] He weighed in excess of 13 pounds (5.9kg) at birth and his father believed that he was illegitimate, as both parents had slim builds. It was to star Chris Kattan and Preston Lacy. Best remembered for the scandal surrounding the death of an aspiring actress that ended his career, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was actually one of early Hollywood's biggest stars even before the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton earned a similar stature. [50], For his contributions to the film industry, in 1960, some 27 years after his death, Arbuckle was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame located at 6701 Hollywood Boulevard. It was determined that Rappe had died from a ruptured bladder. [46], In 1932, Arbuckle signed a contract with Warner Bros. to star under his own name in a series of six two-reel comedies, to be filmed at the Vitaphone studios in Brooklyn, New York. It is expected the. Another witness who testified during the first trial, a former Culver Studios security guard named Jesse Norgard, testified that Arbuckle had once shown up at the studio and offered him a cash bribe in exchange for the key to Rappe's dressing room. With morality groups demanding he face the death penalty, movie moguls ordered Arbuckle's industry friends to disown him. Arbuckle became the main act and the group took their show on tour. Arbuckle was one of the most famous actors in world at the time, second only to Charlie Chaplin. Some claimed that the overweight Arbuckle had damaged Rappes liver by crushing her while trying to have sex with her, while others offered up increasingly outrageous stories consisting of various depravities supposedly carried out by the actor. It was alleged that Rappe had died as a result of a violent sexual assault by Arbuckle. Retrieved from https://www.thoughtco.com/fatty-arbuckle-scandal-1779625. At least Arbuckle didn't have to deal with Twitter.". He would appear in several more Selig shorts before signing with Universal Studios in 1913. William Randolph Hearst's nationwide newspaper chain exploited the situation with exaggerated and sensationalized stories. During cross-examination, Norgard's testimony was called into question when he was revealed to be an ex-convict who was currently charged with sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl, and who was also looking for a sentence reduction from Brady in exchange for his testimony. Paramount had just signed a giant $1 million ($13 million in today's money) deal with Fatty,. [32], The second trial began January 11, 1922, with a new jury, but with the same legal defense and prosecution as well as the same presiding judge. Arbuckle told them - it was a story he always stuck to - that he had gone to use the bathroom where he found Rappe in a drunken faint on the floor. Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, onscreen, discovered an empty whisky bottle and gives it a decent burial, using flowers he had gathered for his girlfriend.

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