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Follow the projection distance column down for the desired projection size. Sometimes a different shape is needed. FREE customization service FREE monogram design. With GoboPro you always get clear and large image thanks to very strong light radiation. When selecting the best Gobo projector, I was paying attention to the types of templates, their durability, price and longevity of use. At low contrast, lets say 3,000:1, an image will seem blurry. It is because the brand has a remarkable effect on the type of projected image at the event. All necessary equipment is included, including a remote and a power wire. On the other side, glass GOBO projectors typically feature longer lamp life, longer throw distances with more visual content options, and a lighter design. No Hassle Return Policy. Power Factor: >.97 (115Vac), .90 (230Vac), .88 (277 Vac) Full Load. After a detailed analysis of the idea and material provided to us by the client, we are able to offer comprehensive support in both creative and technical terms. This option is useful if there is no possibility to mount the projector at a greater distance. Qomolangma LED Logo GOBO is portable, hand held projection device, and it was designed by a team of scientists, engineers and software geeks. Dimensions: 15 x 9.61 x 6.42 inches | Weight: 3.6 pounds | Power: 20W | Gobo patterns: Glass. Various lenses are available, depending on the distance from the luminaire to the projection surface and the size of projection required. The charts below will help you to determine the brightness and projection size for different projector and projection lens combinations at various distances. You may choose between a revolving or static picture for your logo by pressing the button. It explains common terms and shows some examples. The SUNY-Z128 is a party projector, comes with 20 gobos and 128 variations of unique, magical, and RGB shiny pix designed for Indoor, Outdoor purposes. Moreover, LEDs are best in terms of both lighting and cost. There is lot of variety of light designs. Aperture Opening: 0.08 0.67 (2mm 17mm). IP65 Rated for Temporary Outdoor/Wet Use. The party lights have an infrared remote control that allows you to modify the play mode, light, rotation speed, and MIC sensitivity. However, they might require extra work on your part since they dont support a high level of detail, which makes it more difficult to use complex patterns and images. On a specs sheet, a manufacturer indicates a longer estimated distance. The market offers a variety of options that can be a bit confusing when looking for the best GOBO projector for your wedding. Support was excellent and the advice as well! However, custom GOBOs only require great brightness features. Click the image right below for a Blog Post that shows you how to select a projector and projection lens by using the charts below. Affordable and high-quality Gobo projectors. A customer noted the drawback that the projector will not light up a large room. In the event of a warranty claim, we will fix any problems free of charge. 13 Reg. The different Image Spot Mini Lens Optics provide a range of long to short projection capabilities with varying image diameters. Does not require special substructure when installing. When you purchase this LED Gobo Projector Light, you will receive a free one-color custom lens. Select your offer in checkout. However, as the specs show, the gobo is very little, so be prepared to play with it a bit, especially if you want to print your designs. Image Diameter = 3.5 (1.1m) @ 16 (4.8m) distance. Upon request, we will personally visit you and help with the installation. Contrast indicates the difference between the brightest and darkest areas of an image. However, glass gobos are less durable since the material they are made of is prone to breaking. or 4.1 kg), This may be a little bright for some event hall purposes (this gobo projector can only be used outdoors), One user expressed his happiness and said that; it looks great! $299.99. Besides, you need to consider other things as well, such as brightness and contrast, high resolution, power and portability. But, you have to buy it separately. You may want to advertise your brand during an event by projecting a picture of your logo at specific points across a venue or if you desire to give a more visually pleasing experience to your audience by illuminating portions of a room that might otherwise seem plain. Send your request for a quote and we will get back to you within a few hours! Besides brightness, the resolution also plays a vital role in wedding light projectors. Sweetwater lighting techs, DJs, and musicians alike have the deepest respect for Chauvet, both on the personal and on the professional side. Skip to main content . In a dark room, this is quite stunning! A user has purchased it for work purposes (during events). Extremely easy to use, thanks to the unique gobo housing system (patent pending) that allows the gobo to be introduced, replaced and oriented without having to open the projector body, it combines versatility with high aesthetic impact and small size. The absence of fans and IP65 rating also allow use in dust-rich industrial environments or outdoors for extended periods, with an LED life of 50,000 hours. Gobosign 40w Indoor Gobo Projector $398.00 ADD TO CART FREE SHIPPING Free Shipping on all orders from the US or orders of $ 99 or more. Up to 15 meters projection distance Diode Colors: Image Projection Waterproof Class: IP65 Lifetime: 50,000 Dimensions: 171.5mm x 136mm x 177mm Weight . . Different projectors may have specific requirements for the lumens and dimensions of the projected image. Track mountable units of the Image Spot Mini are available and are compatible with our Rosco Track, which can deliver power and control-signal to the fixture in a streamlined installation. Lumens are a unit of projector brightness, so you should choose a projector with a high lumen ratio. Because it is an active projection, it is highly visible. A six-month warranty and competent after-sales service are incudes in the package. Extra charges will be required for multi-color gobos and additional slides. We can distinguish between: wide-angle lenses with focal length up to . The projected images come in a great deal of variety, and you can include both pre-made images and custom images made to order. Metal shell built exclusively of aluminum alloy, high strength, baking paint, or sandblasting oxidation treatment. The quality of the light emitted by this projector rivals most televisions. Selux GmbH From a distance of 10 m it produces a projection of approx. Does not require special knowledge when installing. Thanks to recent technologies, they can be manufactured in no time. If you are going to use a Gobo projector in a room with natural light sources, its better to opt for a model that supports a higher brightness of 3,000 lumens or more. The light quantity is distributed over a larger area and the projection appears darker. When projecting in longer distances like outside of a building or just hundreds of feet away, the narrower the beam, the better. Products on this page may not be available in your region. The GOBO is often more expensive than the total transaction. CHAUVET PROFESSIONAL WELL Gobo IP65 Outdoor-Ready, Wireless Gobo Projector with Charging Case (4-Pack) B&H # CHWELLGOBOX4 MFR # WELLGOBOX4. Based on the individual consultation, we create a unique offer that is adapted to your application. Customer service is excellent, and they assisted him throughout the entire process of ordering a bespoke lens. The quality of the projected image depends on the brightness of the light source. The type light source affects how many hours your projector will work. This Custom Logo Projector can project two distinct effects. Symp is the perfect solution for decorative or functional lighting in museums, sports arenas, shopping malls, as well as architectural details in hospitality and retail. 40W Outdoor Gobo Projector is equipped original high-power OSRAM LED chip, super heat-conducting copper board.Heat sink 's 80% is made from model 1070 Aluminum, heat dissipation up to 95% independent research and develop drive solution, even eletrolysis are used for 30,000 hours, realize luminous . While shopping for such projectors, also consider how easy the gobo projector is to use. WV Salary: $38,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year. The projector is installed in a location adjacent to the projection area, such as the ceiling. Our Sales Engineers are a world-class team of music gear experts whose sole job is to provide you with helpful advice and unparalleled service completely free of charge. At Sweetwater, we've found that you can access most of this projector's function via an optional IRC-6 remote (sold separately). That indicates that it is resistant to high temperatures and may even have had a sandblasting oxidation process applied to the glass. Brightness is measured in lumens. No need for repainting or replacing safety labels, which saves money. Ask without obligation to get all the necessary information. Please click below to login. Dont let its diminutive size fool you, the Image Spot Mini produces an impressive amount of light! Contrast indicates the difference between the brightest and darkest areas of an image. DragonX Compact LED Gobo Light Projector . But this projector does more than just project an image on the wall, it also projects an image on a TV screen, making this projector a versatile piece of equipment. Choose optional lenses or zoom projectors if your projection distance, size, or lighting conditions may vary. From the day a customer purchased the product through the design of the glasses, he was happy with the service (3 colored and single-colored). Our dichroic filters with 16 standard colors available in various formats. Whether you want to use the EZGOBO as a sign maker or a lighting fixture for your wedding celebrations, you can be sure that this piece of equipment will do the job well. The cooperation has worked well. If you want a way to know the easiest way to use the projector outside during the day then check this article. The glass gobo has a compact and lightweight design that can be installed in any orientation and is easy to install and replace. Please note that the Image Spot Mini requires an external power supply for operation and does not ship with a lens. We use cookies to optimize our website and services. LED Custom Image GOBO Logo Projector Light 10W Embedded Black LED GOBO Projector Advertising Logo. Knowledge of and compliance with the company Human Resources policies and processes. bright: 3ft, average: 4.5ft, dim: 6ft, dark: 20ft. The Chauvet DJ EZGOBO portable LED projector offers a variety of features such as 12-axis zoom, throw ratio, lighting timeout, and more.This gobo projector is ideal for childrens rooms since it may be used in a range of lighting and architecture applications. SUPPORT 24/7 Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 30 DAYS RETURN Simply return it within 24 days for an exchange. The rule: Installation inside up to 3 meters distance, we need a 15-30 watt projector. 4.5 m from a distance of 10 m. A telephoto lens with a large focal length enables a smaller projection with more intensive light. Our gobo projectors project images between 26 cm and 33 cm in diameter per one meter distance. Attention: the size of the projected image is not only related to the projection distance but also to the size of the gobo (ID) and the projector lens. 296 20003 0652 - Image Spot Mini 3000K - IP65 - w/o Lens - White, 296 20005 5651 - Image Spot Mini 5500K - IP65 - w/o Lens - Black Single color gobo for free. A GOBO projector should create a beautiful environment by occupying a large area from a sufficient distance. Yes, the gobos can be replaced at any time for any occasion. Or earn 5% back in Bonus Bucks on qualifying purchases of $299 or more when you use your Sweetwater Credit Card. Our production capabilities allow you to create a projection of any shape: Diamonds, stars, symbols, pictograms, etc. That is, at a distance of 4 meters, the projection is between 1 and 1.3 meters. Many of our architectural and industrial gobo projectors are fan-less and utilize highly efficient LED lights. Drop-In gobo holder simplifies gobo changes. Compare. CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO help you establish a presence in the music scene. Gobo Projector Specs Line width: Any width or shape Line length: Up to 15 feet Line appearance: Sharp, well-focused Line colors: Any color or pattern Power usage: Medium to high, 25 to 300W Life: 30,000h Leverage our expertise for your virtual line solution We collect standard Internet log information and aggregated data to analyse our traffic. The compact and lightweight form factor of the Image Spot Mini make it very attractive for track lighting installations. Compared to plastic and metal gobos, glass gobo templates make it easier to project complex and complex shapes. . Depending on the model of the projector, it takes between one and five minutes. This is the diameter of the projected image and is typically between 2 and 8 feet. Available in black or white. Easy slide changing. The ADJ UC IR wireless remote controller is compatible with Gobo IR projectors. The standard lens generates a projection witch a diameter of approx. Outdoor gobo projectors are ideal for applications in rugged environments or wet conditions, whether used for street projection, in industrial settings, for building projection, or outdoor events. If youre planning an outdoor wedding, the ADJ Gobo Projector is the way to go. Bright, multicoloured images even in fine colour shades ensure maximum attention where you direct. During the design phase we provide the customer with dimensional and quantitative calculations, realistic renderings and any indication that can help make the final projection a success. Not enough colors? Gobo projection is an excellent feature for various events for organizing a regional fashion show or a business awards ceremony. You do not only receive an excellent projector, but you also get a complimentary GOBO! 1996-2023, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates, Select a location to see product availability, CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO Battery-Powered LED Gobo Projector w/Manual Zoom DJ Effect Light, YKGOBO LED Logo GOBO Projector with Manual Zoom DJ Effect Light Including Free Custom Glass GOBO to Project Image for Hotel Company Store Wedding Advertising Indoor Use, 80W LED Logo GOBO Projector Ip67 Waterproof DJ Effect Light Including Free Custom Glass GOBO to Project Image for Hotel Company Store Wedding Advertising Indoor and Outdoor Use (80W), 35W Logo Projector Outdoor, LED GOBO Projector Custom Logo for Wedding Advertising, Rotatable Project Image GOBO Projector Light for Hotel Company Store Outdoor Indoor Use, DragonX GOBO Projector IP65 Waterproof Free Customize Disc Indoor and Outdoor Moving Headlight 10W Lens Kit Landscaping, Wall Decoration, Home, Wedding, ADJ Products GOBO PROJECTOR IR Projection Lighting Effect, Black, 150W LED Logo GOBO Projector Ip67 Waterproof DJ Effect Light Including Free Custom Glass GOBO to Project Image for Hotel Company Store Wedding Advertising Indoor and Outdoor Use (150W), Lorketc, 20W LED GOBO Logo Gobo Projector Light Free Custom Gobo Images For Wedding Company Bar Events Hotel Store Indoor, Laulgpoha 30W GOBO Light Projector, High-Definition Custom LED Logo Projector, Rotational GOBO Projector with a Free Glass GOBO Lens, for Indoor Use, HILITING LED Logo GOBO 15W Projector Advertising Logo Light Including Free Custom Glass GOBO to Project Image for Company Store Wedding Event (Black), 100W LED Logo GOBO Projector Ip67 Waterproof DJ Effect Light Including Free Custom Glass GOBO to Project Image for Hotel Company Store Wedding Advertising Indoor and Outdoor Use (100W), YKGOBO 30W LED Logo GOBO Projector Image Rotation IP65 Waterproof with Manual Zoom DJ Effect Light Custom Gobos for Hotel Car Wash Company Restaurant Store Wedding Advertising Outdoor Use, LED Logo Gobo Projector with Manual Zoom DJ Effect Light Custom Gobos for Company Restaurant Store Wedding Advertising Indoor Use, All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. 2016/679, informativa sul trattamento dei dati personali ai sensi dell'art. Our headlamps are particularly distinguished by. Rotators, Projectors & Beam Controls Accessories. Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The image projection is very clear in HD. Volkmarstrae 18 However, if there are other sources of light in the room, you will need to get a more powerful projector. Phone Hours | Easily replaceable just turn off the projector and replace the gobo when you need to project fresh signs. This area needs to be properly evaluated from a distance to determine sharpness, clarity, and overall design. Impressive Light Output From An Ultra-Compact Form Factor. The design is small and light, and it also comes with a hanging bracket and a safety hook for easy installation Perfect for high school parties or weddings. You should check the variety it offers, as you dont want to be limited to any particular type. If you want DJ effects or small photos with high-quality light sources and beam angles, then steel GOBO is perfect for that. Copyright 2023 Fixthephoto.com | All Rights Reserved. A happy customer said that the projector is a small, lightweight metal box that emits light from red, blue, and green lasers and an extremely bright blue LED. 296 20005 5652 - Image Spot Mini 5500K - IP65 - w/o Lens - White, 296 2010T 3001 - Image Spot Mini 3000K Track 0-10V/Triac Black No Lens SIZE . Design: Architectural Features: Small Footprint, Strong Projection Power: 20W LED Proj. The glass gobos are highly durable even when in permanent professional use and retain their color well over many years. It has a very unique Ving technology called the projection mask. SUNY stage party lights are FCC, CE, and RoHS approved, indicating outstanding quality and safety. The installation of our gobo projectors is very simple. 11 Lens enables the longest projection capability. Make sure you get the proper illumination for your gobo projector. But, it is always significant to choose the one that can withstand the elements in the venue. It has an effective voice-activated sensor that captures its sound and song to manage effectively and to provide the most incredible DJ night. Cookie policy. Fix it the first time with our award-winning, factory-certified Service Department. Your email address will not be published. A good brightness is a significant factor to consider when shopping for a GOBO projector. If it is not a special order, it will be made at the latest 6 working days from receipt of payment. For this reason, each projector model is always designed with great attention to energy efficiency. Optional gobo projector control modules include motion sensors along with those providing strobing, blinking and fading. Wide angle (63mm focal lens) A wide-angle lens increases the subject. Its combination of cutting-edge technology, exceptional sound quality, and stylish design make it one of the best electronic items available on the market today. A distance of 9-15 meters requires a 50-65W or even more powerful projector. For outdoor at 4-20 meters distance we need a 30-100 watt projector. Gobo Projector Nebula LED gobo projector is especially designed for advertising projection and outdoor landscape lighting. Attract more revenue to your business! A matching IES data file link can be found underneath each photometric chart. SHIPPING . A gobo is a template with a cut-out image. There has never been a problem with the battery. Image Spot Mini Gobos & Permacolor Filters: For optimum image quality and performance, use Rosco Image Spot Gobos and Permacolor Filters, which feature custom bezels that enable a secure fit inside the Image Spot gobo cassette. Below we have provided the examples and benefits of gobo lighting in retail contexts. Projector Power: 200W/300W Projector Effect: Static (waterproof) Projector Distance: 60m Projector Size: 395*194*26 MM inquiry Now Email Us Description Parameter Message The output of the Image Spot Mini can be controlled using its on-board dimming controls, or via an external 0-10VDC, Push to Dim, DALI, or DMX Drivers all of which provide flicker-free dimming from 100% ~ 0%. A class 2 power supply that provides constant current for Image Spot Mini installations controlled via Dali. Make sure to choose the Image Spot Driver Accessory that fits your control protocol and the proper Image Spot Mini Lens Optic Accessory for your project when ordering. A lens is characterized by the focal length expressed in mm. It has High-Definition Projection Effect, visible from 300 feet away. The main reason why individuals would want to utilize a gobo projector is to create a unique atmosphere in their homes. The best Gobo projector should be portable. Customer support was also outstanding in assisting him in creating the ideal image. Some brands necessitate the use of ceiling or floor mounts. US 40W Outdoor Schwarz Fernbedienung LED Gobo Projektor Werbung Logo Lampe | Cameras & Photo, Lighting & Studio, Continuous Lighting | eBay! This LED Brand Projector Light is a 15W model that can project high-definition images of your logo, making it ideal for business promotion and weddings. SYMP makes indoor gobo projection an exciting new lighting solution. You can also use the remote control to control the rotation speed of the pattern and turn the lights on and off. Even though it was daytime, and the sun was streaming on the wall, it was still visible. Entrance/lobby lighting is vital since it sets the tone for the clients visit; hence, employing gobo projection to create the correct ambiance when a consumer enters the room will likely improve the time they stay in the shop (and, eventually, the money they spend! Job Type: Full-time. It is highly durable and has no fading or tearing from foot traffic. You may still add items to your cart or wish list for later checkout. , Our headlamps are particularly distinguished by the best-performing lumen/watt ratio in their class. Can project 5-30 meters. Number of Leaves: Four (top/bottom/left/right). The Gobo spotlight is compatible with the Olivio as well as the Lif luminaires. Many firms who spent money on printing flyers, buying exhibition boards, and buying tangible things to advertise their brands at events for the 2020/2021 season will have lost money and may have to spend money re-designing and re-creating their event marketing tools. With its glass gobos and optics systems, the Olivio Gobo spotlight enables a diverse range of fascinating projections in public spaces. GOBO SERVICE . 200W gobo projector light is a Long distance gobo projector with projection distance up to 60m and projection diameter up to 20m. . The visuals of the projector are crisp, sharp, and deliver a clear HD image. More projects will follow for sure! But, for indoor events, medium-brightness gobo projectors can efficiently get the job done without exceeding your budget. You'll appreciate the Gobo Zoom 2's convenient manual rotation knob, which . The master of outdoors advertising, high lumen series possesses low power, Far distance, super HD. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Telephoto lenses enable bright projections across large distances. You can also freely alter the direction of the projection.

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